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2024 Vintage Home Decor - what to look for secondhand

We are THRILLED that a love and appreciation for old things is surging in popularity! Antique and vintage home decor and furniture adds so much soul and character to any home. And shopping for these second hand items is often SO much more affordable than buying brand new!

Vintage home decor in a cozy living room with wooden furniture and decorative accents.

While we believe you should ALWAYS fill your home with the things that bring YOU joy, we rounded up a list of our favorite pre-loved finds that are not only popular right now in the 2024 design world, but will stand the test of time in home style!


Hallway featuring framed art, a patterned rug, and wooden accents.

Our Top Picks for Vintage Home Decor

Embracing Things that patina

Well made objects that show their age with beautiful patina are featured everywhere online right now.  Even when I shared simple tips for cleaning brass and polish, I had comments asking me never to clean them because the patina is just too pretty!

Vintage home decor with a rustic vase of white tulips, cozy chair, and decorative shelf against a black wall.

We absolutely love that old things that SHOW their age are “IN” again!  They just bring so much character to a home!  Look for second pieces made of:

  • Hand carved wood

  • Silver or silver plated

  • Real Brass

  • Copper


Showcasing a rustic pitcher with dried flowers, ornate mirror, and burgundy foliage on a dark shelf.

Detailed chandeliers and candelabras

Gone are the days of simple modern light fixtures.  Choosing vintage home decor, especially something old and ornate, feels unique and high end. 


Vintage home decor featuring a classic table lamp, ornate wall sconce, and pink roses near a woven chair.

Think of your lighting like jewelry for a room and go bold!  This large wall candelabra we found on Facebook Marketplace for $25 is the most asked about thing in our home and this stunning piece of vintage home decor makes such a statement in our dining room!



These large piece of furniture are so versatile!  They can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and beyond!  We are a bit biased when it comes to Louis XV era armoires as we fell in love with them while traveling in England!  If you can find one under $500, grab it! 

An antique wooden armoire, brass chandelier, and blue paneled walls.

We couldn’t find one we could afford so we chose a 1920’s tiger oak armoire during our bedroom makeover. It’s the perfect size and doubles as a full length mirror.


Artwork is such a personal purchase because we are all drawn to art in different ways. Look for original paintings and signed numbered reproductions which can be both valuable and add luxury to your vintage home decor without a high end price tag!

Vintage home decor featuring a wooden shelf displaying framed photos, a potted plant on a blue console table, and light beige curtains.

I recently thrifted SIX original drawings and paintings at my local Goodwill and I didn't pay more than $5 per piece!


Handmade pottery


The unique hand crafted organic feel of pottery just feels so warm and rich. Pair organic, handmade pieces with something more luxe like silver candlesticks for a balances curated look.

Shelf displaying ceramic vases, old jars, and a classic jam container.

Ornate frames and Mirrors

Even if you wouldn't consider your home style to be "fancy," adding an ornate frame to a room just adds a pop of classic luxury. For a more casual look, pair sleek modern frames with vintage ornate ones for a high end curated look. Or go all out with high drama ornate gold frames for a statement wall!

An ornate gold-framed mirror reflecting a dining area with a bouquet and chandelier.

I see old frames all of the time when I'm thrifting and there are so many things you can do to update them and give them new life!


Corner with a glass-fronted cabinet and ornate framed artworks on a deep blue wall.

 Looking for more second hand and vintage home decor inspiration and ideas? Start HERE!

xoxo, L




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