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English Cottage Inspired Primary Bedroom

My husband, Tim, and I spent almost 2 weeks in England this past June on our first adult only vacation. While I already had a soft spot for vintage cottage inspired style, our English holiday set in motion the inspiration for our primary bedroom makeover!

A bedroom with a patterned rug and checkered curtains.

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A bedroom with a patterned rug and checkered curtains.

We have lived in this house not quite 6 years, and in that time, we have done very little to our bedroom to make it feel more like us. I have had such a hard time settling on a vibe or color story for this space and so our bedroom continued to be pushed to the back burner as we transformed so many other rooms in our home.

A bedroom with a wooden chest and queen bed.

A woman smiling sitting on a bed.

here are some of my favorite makeovers to date!

A room with blue walls and a wooden armoire.

On our trip, I found myself constantly drawn to moody and soothing blue tones as we ventured through both cities and countryside, which inspired this blue space that feels like the perfect pairing of what I would call English Estate and English Cottage.

A room with a sideview of an armiore and checkered curtains.

This gorgeous blue is 'Stardew' from the Renewed Comfort Color Collection from HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams.

A close up of a candle and framed artwork.

I absolutely love the blend of gold, ornate frames paired with rustic warm wood flooring. Elegant brass light fixtures paired with more country inspired shades and accessories.

A sidetable with a floral lamp and framed photograph.

This bedroom feels like the best of everything we experienced in England. I have a "pinch me" moment almost every night as I snuggle down in bed and look up at our vintage modern chandelier.

A room with light blue walls and checkered curtains with a modern chandelier.

There are so many different style tricks we used to help this space feel larger including adding trim work, painting the doors, trim and walls all the same color, and installing window treatments at the top of the wall.

For all the details on how to easily make any space feel larger, don't miss this post!

A corner of a room with a mirror and bed.

Shop the room

A blanket and patterned rug.


A woman making a bed.

Second Hand

  • armoire - antique

  • gold frames - thrifted

  • London art - thrifted

  • photographs in gallery wall - photos from our trip

  • night stand lamps - thrifted

  • brass sconces - thrifted

Have any questions about this makeover or want to tell me what you think? Leave a comment!

xoxo, L

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1 Comment

Nov 04, 2023

Your new "old" English cottage bedroom looks beautiful! It looks like many of the rooms I have had the pleasure of staying in on trips to the UK.

I am sure that it will be a cozy retreat on cold days ahead.


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