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The Best Way To Score Vintage Finds on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a treasure trove of stunning antique and vintage pieces from clothing to decor to furniture! Did you know that Facebook Marketplace uses an ALGORITHM to learn what YOU want to see first in your search?

Read on to learn the 5 easy steps to ensure you find those dream pieces you're looking for!

A corner of a bedroom with an armoire and pale blue walls.
1920's Tiger Oak Armoire - $1,700

What is Facebook Marketplace?

If you're not already familiar, Facebook Marketplace is an online platform where you can pretty much buy and sell anything from cars to home furnishings to even houses! It's free to use and there are lots of filters you can adjust to help you find what you're looking for. But I've got some extra tips you need to keep in mind too!

A brown drawer unit with lamps and a laundry basket underneath.
Turn of the Century Buffet - $60

How To Train the Facebook Marketplace Algorithm

1.Adjust Your Search Radius

I mentioned that there are lots of filters you can adjust when using Marketplace. To start your search, expand the location radius to at least 200 miles. This will allow a larger amount of items to show up that might interest you and will be useful in the following steps.

2. Use SPECIFIC Keywords

If you're looking for antique furniture use specific terms in the style you're looking for such as French, Edwardian, Mid Century Modern, Farmhouse, etc.

I found our show-stopping wall candelabra on Facebook Marketplace by accident while I was searching ornate wall hangings and mirrors! Other terms that lead your results to similar candelabras include:

  • Italian Gilt

  • Antique French

  • Italianate Gilded Metal

  • Ornate brass

  • Victorian

Be creative with the type of furniture you're searching for. If you're looking for a buffet for your dining room, make sure to use other words like side board, console, and cabinet.

A corner view of a dining room with a candelabra on the wall.
Wall Candelabra - $25

3. Incorrectly Spell Words

You would be surprised what special pieces you can uncover when you purposefully misspell words in your search terms!

4. Save everything you like

Even if it's way out of your price range or too far away to pick up, by saving the items that interest you, you are telling the algorithm what you want to see more of! To save an item, click on the item you like and tap/click the flag icon under the title.

5. Adjust your radius again

After you complete steps 2-4, come back to your radius and adjust it to your desired distance of where you are willing to drive. You will now see more items in your preferred area that are of interest to you. You will also hopefully find items that are within your budget!

A modern dining area with natural light, perfect for bedroom makeover ideas with a cozy nook featuring stylish furniture and warm wood tones.
Kitchen Table - $20

Other Tips To find the best stuff on Facebook Marketplace

  • Follow sellers that sell a lot of the category you are looking for such as antique dealers.

  • Don't ignore items that are only available to ship to you. The company UShip is a great resource to let delivery companies bid for your service so you can find a good and fair rate!

  • Check Often.

  • Be patient - You may not find the perfect piece instantly. Keep following these steps and some day your dream item may be waiting for you in your search results!

A light blue entry bench behind a couch.
Entry Bench - $20

Do you have any other Facebook Marketplace tips you would add to the list? I would love if you shared them in the comments! For more second hand inspiration, don't miss our whole collection here!

xoxo, L

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