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Easy Tips for Affordable Art

An easy way to give your home high end style without a lot of effort or money is with artwork that can be downloaded to your computer! Digital art prints are incredibly affordable (think under $3 for per piece!) and allow you the flexibility to swap our your artwork as often as you like without changing your frames!

A hall with artwork.

This sustainable way to style your home also gives you less to store off season, which is awesome if you're short on storage space! You can read all about other ideas for reducing seasonal clutter here!

A couch and a table with a vase of flowers

Where Can I print My Digital art?

The easiest way to print art is to use a home printer! I use this presentation paper and select the size I want to print in my printer settings.

A sidetable with a vase of flowers and framed artwork.

If you don't have a printer at home, you can order prints online from Office Max in three easy steps.


2) Upload your photo/image. Under PAPER TYPE, select 110lb cardstock.

3) Also make sure you click "fit to paper." You have have your images shipped to you OR pick up same day!

Two dogs in a hallway with framed artwork.

I also love using MPix. Their quality for the price is unbeatable! I use them exclusively to print our family portraits and large art prints. I always choose their giclee prints because the colors are so deep and rich! This type of paper doesn't even need glass! See how I framed giclee prints without glass in our bedroom!

Where can I find Affordable Frames?

I use the frames that are already on my walls! Pro Tip: Store you extra art prints behind the one you are displaying to keep them protected!

If you're looking to upgrade some frames in your home, never fear, I rounded up some of my go-to wall frames for you!

tap the image to shop!

Affordable picture frames.

Or instead of buying new, considering THRIFTING some beautiful frames!

My Favorite Shops for Affordable Digital Artwork

A collage of framed digital art

A hallway of framed art.

A wall of framed art and antiques.

Looking for more affordable Art Inspiration? Don't miss these posts!

Happy Decorating!

xoxo, L

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3 days ago

Fabulous ideas. So great to know I can paint mats! Do you use flat or satin finish paint?

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