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How To Style A Room Like A Professional Interior Designer

This post is sponsored by HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams

A woman holding a paint can sitting on a wooden trunk in front of a bed

We had lots of home improvement projects on our list for this year, and 3 of them were full-room makeovers where our goal was to embrace luxe, moody color.

A close up of a gold paint can with Christmas trees in the background.

As a novice, designing a room can be really intimidating, even for someone like me who has been styling rooms for years. I have a design tool for you that is a complete style game changer that can give ANYONE the confidence to create a gorgeous, designer-inspired space - Color Collections from HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams!

A woman standing in the doorway of a bathroom.

What is a Color Collection?

The short and sweet answer is that Color Collections are a fool-proof way to design a stunning space without an interior design degree! Color Collections are groups of paint colors carefully curated by HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams' designers to create a beautiful space no matter how you mix and match the colors in the Color Collection!

Use the Color Collection to inspire your wall color, your furniture, and every single element down to the small details and home accents!

A pamphlet of color collections titled "2024 Color Collection of the Year"

I used three different HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams Color Collections to design three big spaces in our home - our primary bedroom, primary bathroom, and family room. Our family is obsessed with all three transformations and I want to show you how I used these Color Collections to style our spaces!

A color swatch of baby blue paint.

Renewed Comfort Color Collection

The Renewed Comfort Color Collection is the HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams 2024 Color Collection of the Year and I had the opportunity to use this stunning Color Collection before it became available to the public!

After our holiday in England, we were so inspired to transform our Primary Bedroom into our own English Cottage Retreat. With the help of the Renewed Comfort Color Collection, we designed a beautiful, cozy space!

A woman sitting on a bed.

We painted our walls Stardew (HGSW9138) which is a dreamy cool blue that added both vibrance and serenity to our bedroom.

An interior of a bedroom with a cabinet mirror and patterned curtains.

I painted the mats in our gallery wall Utaupeia (HGSW9088) which was a fun way to add in more color from the Color Collection!

A wall with artwork encased in gold antique frames.

By relying on the Renewed Comfort Color Collection, I selected drapes inspired by Softer Tan (HGSW6141) and Pearly White (HGSW7009).

A bedroom interior with a patterned curtain and side view of a mirrored closet.

Our beautiful vintage-inspired rug pulled in the colors Dark Auburn (HGSW6034), Waterloo (HGSW9141), and Persimmon (HGSW6339).

A side of a bed and blanket above a rug.

Earthy Charm Color Collection

After our bedroom, we dove right into our tiny Primary Bathroom and explored the rich, moody tones of the Earthy Charm Color Collection.

A gold paint can on bathroom sink against a dark green wall.

I painted the walls and ceiling Jasper (HGSW6216) to give the illusion of a larger, taller space.

An interior of a bathroom.

We chose to paint the trim in a beautifully coordinating color called Retreat (HGSW6207) which created a spa-like ambiance.

A tile floor with a black furniture unit.

After a simple DIY to frame our oval mirror, I painted it Cardboard (HGSW6124) and pulled in Red Barn (HGSW7591) and Debonair (HGSW9139) for our artwork.

A bathroom mirror with gold framing.

Other colors from the Earthy Charm Color Collection we incorporated included:

An interior of a bathroom with an open window.

Industrial Refresh Color Collection

Four years ago I painted our family room - the heart of our home - and immediately regretted my color choice. Did I change it? NOPE! I have struggled for the past 4 years with decision fatigue trying to decide on the right color for the space.

A living room decorated with a Christmas tree.

Last November, I made the bold move to paint our fireplace Tricorn Black (HGSW6258) and it helped the narrow space feel so much wider.

To choose a color for the other walls, I looked at which Color Collections included Tricorn Black (HGSW6258), leading me to choose a beautifully moody space inspired by the Industrial Refresh Color Collection!

A wooden drawer with framed art and lamp fixture.

I painted the walls Virtual Taupe (HGSW7039) which is a warm light milk chocolate color that is so dreamy!

A corner of a living room with a drawer and armchair.

To add a pop of color, I painted our sofa table Riverway (HGSW6222).

A teal table behind a cream colored couch.

I painted a thrifted mat Otter (HGSW6041) for some visual interest in a small gallery wall.

A close up of a gold paint can in front of Christmas tree.

I also used the Industrial Refresh Color Collection to select all of my textiles for the room creating a cozy, curated space!

● drapes and velvet ruffle pillows inspired by Smokey Topaz (HGSW6117)

● tasseled lumbar pillows and velvet ribbon inspired by Online (HGSW7072)

● throw blankets inspired by Favorite Tan (HGSW6157) and Repose Gray (HGSW7015)

A living room decorated for Christmas.

Where can I find the Color Collections?

Visit the HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams website where you can order up to 10 free color chips to start styling your own designer-inspired space! If you transform a room using one of their amazing Color Collections, share it on social media and tag me @therurallend. I would LOVE to see it!

A woman decorating a Christmas tree.

Thank you HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this post and making

it so easy for anyone to design a stunning high-end-looking space!

xoxo, L

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Thank you for this. I am so excited to try something similar!!

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