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The Look For Less: Terra Cotta Pumpkins

There is a simple DIY going viral this year for a copycat look for Pottery Barn's aged terra cotta pumpkins - which retail for over $60! I couldn't resist making my own version with a ceramic jack-o-lantern I was planning to donate this year and I wanted to share the simple, affordable tutorial with you!

ceramic pumpkin

terra cotta pumpkin

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terra cotta pumpkin

DIY Terra Cotta Painted Pumpkins

What you need

family room with white brick fireplace

Where to get your pumpkin

  • upcycle one you already own

  • thrift stores

  • yard sales

  • clearance section at your favorite store

  • or one of these affordable styles below!

how to make it

1. mix equal parts of your colors together to create a tan terra cotta color.


2. Paint your pumpkin with the first coat and let dry.

painting a pumpkin

3. Paint a second coat - optional, mix a little flour or baking soda into your paint for a textured look.

painting a pumpkin

4. When your paint is dry, sprinkle flour over your pumpkin and dry brush all over (or blend with your fingers.) The flour gives a beautiful aged finish!

sprinkling flour on a pumpkin

If this a DIY you'll try this year? If you make this and share on social media, make sure to tag me @therurallegend!

xoxo, L

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1 opmerking

13 sep. 2023

I love this xx thanks for sharing xx

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