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A woman in a striped blue dress arranges flowers in a vintage vase, showcasing a DIY home decor aesthetic in a cozy living room.

Hi! I'm Lindsey

We are so so glad you're here! I grew up watching my parents create decor and accents for our home that they couldn't afford and adopted the philosophy "when we can't buy, we DIY!"  I didn't realize how much this impacted me until my love for DIY began to flourish as a new home owner in 2011.  Since then, my husband Tim and I have been slowly transforming our spaces into places that bring us JOY with lots of DIY home improvements, affordable styling, and TONS of secondhand treasures that we have both inherited and purchased.

We love mixing old and new to add charm and character to any space.  Incorporating antique and vintage items brings soul to your home, and shopping second hand means finding unique pieces most others won't have in their homes! We're also use fans of adding bold moody color and after our holiday in England, we completely fell in love with the character of European Design.

We're most well known for taking old ugly things and giving them a new and prettier life.  We'll teach you all of our tips for upcycling and simple makeovers that you can recreate in your own home!  We also love sharing simple, seasonal crafts that add beauty to any home and most times can double as special handmade gifts!

We're also HUGE outdoor lovers and you can find us outside working in our flowerbeds during the warmer months here in central Pennsylvania.  While we're not exclusively a garden site, we share money and time saving landscaping tips both here in blog posts as well as on our social media channels!  Don't miss our tab called The Rural Estate with all of our best tips and ideas!

Tim and I are beyond thrilled you're here in our Legendary Community and we can't wait to inspire you to style your own home in a way that brings YOU joy!

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