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10 Money Saving Tips for Room Makeovers

Giving a space in your home a refresh or better yet a full blown room makeover can get pricey - especially if you're working with outdated spaces that need a lot of love like our 1980 built home!

These are the tips I've learned over the years that I always rely on to make sure I'm saving money everywhere I can!

A room with a wooden floor and chandelier

HOW TO save money on a room makeover

1. Color Match designer paint

Designer paint brands have absolutely stunning colors that will cost you a pretty penny. Home Improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot generally have everyone else's color information in their systems, so you can have that high end paint color mixed for a fraction of the cost!

A carpet, wooden table, and ceiling fan.

2. watch for paint sales

You're already saving money on your paint by having your dream color created somewhere else more affordably - let's save a little more money by waiting for sales! Lowe's and Home Depot run buy-one-get-one-50% sales during Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends!

A woman sitting on a wooden trunk in front of a bed.

3. DIY when you can

I know not everyone loves to do things themselves, but if you're reading this, chances are, you're a DIY lover like me! We have been able to save so much money on our home by taking risks, watching you tube video tutorials and learning on the go!

A man kneeling on a floor

4. thrift your decor

Almost every single piece of decor in our primary bedroom makeover came from the thrift store! Some pieces were beautiful just the way they were while others simply needed a little rub'n buff to give them new life.

A side of a bed with checkered curtains and sidetable with a lit lamp.

5. repurpose furniture

New furniture is generally going to cost you a lot of money, but working with a piece you already have OR finding a second hand piece and giving it a makeover will save you SO much money!

A blue cabinet.

don't miss this posts for updating furniture!

A checkered comforter on a bed next to a wooden drawer with an alarm clock and book about dionsaurs.

6. use thrift store frames

For our primary bedroom, I collected 5 ornate wall frames from Goodwill. After a few coats of my favorite gold spray paint, they now have a uniform look and you would never know they were thrifted!

A wall of artwork encased in gold frames.

7. digital art

Art is an easy way to elevate any room and I LOVE to source my art from Etsy in the form of digital downloads! You can download gorgeous art prints for under $5 and either have them printed at home or affordably with a professional printing service. Don't miss this post to see my tips on printing art!

A wall of framed digital art.

8. look for open box discounts

You found the most perfect sconces for your bathroom on Amazon - yay! Before you click "add to cart," scroll a little further down to see if there is a box that says, "save with used - like new" This means that someone bought the item, returned it and Amazon is now selling it at a discounted rate!

An Amazon listing for scones.

9. don't forget image searches!

Amazon and Pinterest both let you search an image and show you similar styles. If there's a $899 ottoman you love, take a screen shot and search within those apps to see if there's a similar style for much cheaper! I found this very similar style for $129!

Screenshot of a tufted square ottoman.

Screenshot of a tufted square ottoman.

10. Facebook Marketplace

Before you click "add to cart" on those bedside lamps, check Facebook Marketplace! Even if you're not into antique and vintage pieces, Facebook Marketplace is chock full of modern, second hand treasures! I like to search for Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn, and Crate and Barrel.

A framed piece of artwork of trees above a wooden drawer.

What money saving tip would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, L

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15 nov 2023

I found curtains on sale that I love for my master bedroom. I bought an extra panel which I covered a bench seat with and still had enough for a throw pillow. It all looks much pricier than it was.😉

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