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How to Give Your Sofa makeover in 3 Easy Steps

When we were working on our finished basement family room makeover, I really wanted to get a new sectional for the space. Unfortunately it wasn't in the budget so I had to find easy, affordable, ways to give our 12+ year old sofa and loveseat a style makeover.

A living room with a gray sofa.

The cushions were saggy and the upholstery was pilling and dirty. By using some unique items and a little creative thinking, we took this furniture from pathetic to plush on a budget!

A living room with tan couches.

3 easy affordable changes

for a sofa makeover

1. change the legs

All of the sofas in our home have clunky dark feet that are anything but chic. I found these gorgeous turned legs on Amazon, and swapping out the old legs was an absolutely cinch! We just unscrewed the old feet and added the new ones with a screw in the same size!

A close up of sofa feet on a rug.

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2. add volume

The back cushions were flattened by our dogs pretending they are cats and they desperately needed a face list. I added one king size pillow to the inside of each back cushion and they instantly looked plump and fresh off the delivery truck!

A couch and table with a lamp and pillow.

3. clean, clean, clean

I used a sweater depiller to shave pills and other small threads away from the upholstery instantly renewing the fabric. I then used our tried and true carpet and upholstery cleaner to thoroughly clean every surface. We won't talk about what the water looked like after washing our sofa, but we saved SO much money by cleaning ourselves rather than hiring a professional cleaning service.

A dog sitting on a couch in front of two paintings on the wall.

We've owned our carpet cleaner for 10+ years and it has saved everything from carpets to rugs, to upholstery!

A side of a couch and a patterned rug

So while I may still be a little sad we have yet to purchase a sectional for our lounge space, our sofa looks brand new and so great in this cozy moody space!

A living room with a couch, coffee table in the middle.

If you're looking for more simple affordable home tips and tricks, start here!

xoxo, L


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