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4 Easy Ideas To Customize Second Hand Furniture

Have you ever been offered a piece of furniture from your parents or someone you know that they no longer want? Although free is always nice, sometimes it's not very appealing when the piece is just not your style.

These easy customization ideas might help you say "yes" and fill your home with beautiful AFFORDABLE character!

A side by side of a shelf mirror.

1. Paint

Never underestimate the power of paint!

My parents recently offered me their sofa table from their enclosed patio. The large woven pattern on the top and drawers worked perfectly in their coastal/tropical style space, but I was hesitant that it would coordinate with my home.

A woven patterned table.

After a few coats of flat black spray paint, the vibe of this sofa table was completely transformed and this piece is the perfect accent in our newly made over dining room!

A black table next to a plant.

A black table with decor next to a window.

Don't miss our other customized second hand furniture - see what we've painted several other inherited pieces over the years:

Painted furniture collage.

2. Swap the legs

Changing the legs on a dining table, console or desk can dramatically change the style of the piece!

A wooden table with black legs.

Here are some examples from our home:

A plain table compared to a wooden table.

3. Swap the top

The reverse can make a piece look completely new - keep the legs and change the table top! I found a beautiful oak dining table on Facebook Marketplace but didn't love the chipped veneer table top. We removed it and added a stunning chevron butcher block top for a custom statement piece in our dining room! See the whole transformation here!

A living room with wooden table centerpiece.

4. Strip it

This is the most time consuming alteration on the list, but it's definitely not difficult - even for a beginner!

A stripped trunk at the foot of a bed.

I have refinished several pieces in our home and have simple step by step tutorials for you to follow!

A woman stripping a piece of furniture.

Whether you have a special family heirloom or just an inexpensive thrifted find, I hope you find some inspiration here to think outside the box and make outdated furniture more your fabulous style!

xoxo, L

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