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10 Creative DIY Valentines Ideas

As January comes to a close, February fast approaches. And soon, love will be in the air for Valentine’s Day!

A card that says 'I carrot a lot about you' with a carrot drawing.

Whether your child is handing out Valentines to classmates or you’re hosting your very own Valentine's Day party, these DIY ideas are original, simple, and affordable! Plus most of them require little to no preparation, done in 10 minutes or less (aside from the recipes - but those are worth the effort!)

An array of woven hearts on a wooden surface.

Keep reading for our round up of super cute, easy DIY Valentine ideas that are way better than a store bought card. 

Seed Packet Valentines

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s AND prepare for Spring than seeds? These veggie seed packet valentines can jumpstart your garden and are a unique, sustainable idea for classrooms and parties! Flower seed packets like these would also be a sweet gift!

An arrangement of vegetable seed packet valentines.

We paired these adorable seed packets with cute veggie pun cards I designed myself. I’m offering a FREE printable download of my VEGGIE VALENTINES so you can sow seeds of love with your friends and family too! Scroll to the end of the blog to find the PDF, or CLICK HERE!

An arrangement of fruit and vegetable seed packets.

To assemble your veggie valentines, punch a hole through the packet and card and thread a piece of ribbon, twine, or yarn, tying in a knot or bow! Here's a link to the yarn I used!

Pro Tip: source yarn or ribbon from the thrift store for a sustainable, affordable option!

Pop Tart Holders

This DIY idea from Handmade Charlotte looks good enough to eat! Crafted from brown paper bags and acrylic paint, you probably have all the materials already. 

Pop tart valentine bags.
Handmade Charlotte

You can fill these holders with Valentine’s candy, such as conversation hearts or Hershey’s Kisses. Or you can fill them with non-edible treats such as stickers or bubbles - check out these Valentine’s themed bubble tubes from Dollar Tree!

Watercolor Art 

How pretty are these watercolor hearts? I was so inspired by this idea on Pinterest from the Artful Parent, a website dedicated to easy and fun art activities for kids. With just three materials, you can add a touch of elegance to your Valentine’s gifts or home decor.

A row of watercolor hearts and a watercolor paint palette.
photo by Lori Wenger

Paint Swatch Bookmarks

This is perhaps the simplest Valentine’s gift idea ever, and ideal for the bookworms in your life!

Pink paint swatch bookmarks.
photo by Book Riot

You can grab the paint chips from Lowe’s for FREE! All you’ll need to purchase is a  heart-shaped puncher and some ribbon. After punching the hole, thread a ribbon through and tie it - and you’re done!

Heart Crayons

Typically silicone molds are used for chocolate or candy, but did you know you can make crayons with them too? 

First, buy heart shaped silicone molds - such as this 4 pack for under $10 - and fill the molds with broken crayons. Don’t forget to peel the paper off the crayons and break them into small pieces - the kids can help with this part! Put the molds in the oven at 300 until they’re completely melted. Then let them cool in the fridge before popping them out of the mold.

An assortment of heart and lego crayons.

You can easily re-use this idea for future holidays - pumpkin crayons for Halloween, shamrock crayons for St. Patrick’s Day. Silicone molds come in a ton of shapes, so the possibilities are endless! Check out the Lego versions of these crayons from Jackson’s 5th birthday party. 

Lego crayons.

Thrifted Woven Hearts

A shelf with a woven heart next to a potted plant.

There are so many ways to style these in your home - hang them as a wreath or place it on your shelf. Give the gift of home decor that adds a nature-inspired touch all year round!

Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters

If you’ve read our winter thrifting blog, you know how much we love cookie cutters for home decor. But they also make great favors! Heart shapes are classic, though feel free to get inspired by different shapes, such as “Xs” and “Os.” 

Silver heart shaped cookie cutters.

Include a printed recipe for cookies and decorate with a piece of ribbon or with heart shaped stickers. For the most delicious sugar cookie recipe, don't miss my mom's soft rolled sugar cookies! Keep reading for our Valentine’s Day Monster cookies, decorated with pink and white sprinkles and loaded with chocolate!

Bowls full of red and white candies and sprinkles.

Hole Punch Sewing Card

The See Jane blog offers this adorable and innovative Valentine idea. Not only is this a great DIY Valentines card, but a fun activity for everyone! All you need is a hole puncher, yarn, and plastic needles - you can get a pack of 50 for $5

Hole punch sewing cards.
See Jane Blog

For a personalized touch, write cute phrases on the card such as “I like you sew much” or “We go together like needle and thread.” 

Easy Candles

Candles are a classic gift for Valentine’s day, perfect for a cozy, romantic mood or simply for elegant holiday decor. See our tutorial for the easiest DIY candles for a handmade Valentine’s gift. 

A side table with small candles.

We love our candles here at The Rural Legend. Read our DIY striped candles tutorial in our ‘The Look for Less’ series. Or peek at our DIY patterned candles - it’s themed to Halloween but it can fit any time of year depending on the napkin you choose.

Baked Goodies

While schools may not allow food for health or allergy reasons, you and your family can make these baked goodies at home to stay in the holiday spirit! Keep reading for recipes:

A stack of cookies next to a glass of milk.

Monster Cookies 

Our Monster Cookies boast a delicious peanut butter and chocolate combo. The addition of molasses helps make them soft and chewy. This recipe is only eight steps and at max takes 15 minutes to bake! 

Cookies on a heart shaped plate.

While this recipe is specifically for Valentine’s Day, feel free to swap out the candies for any occasion. Red and green are a classic combination for Christmas, and of course, red, white, and blue for the 4th of July.

Baked Chocolate Strawberry Oatmeal 

Start your morning with a Valentine’s themed breakfast! Our baked strawberry chocolate oatmeal is pure comfort food and so simple to make. The pairing of fresh strawberries, melted chocolate, and caramelized brown sugar makes this recipe decadent. 

A cup of baked chocolate strawberry oatmeal.

An added bonus - the quantity of the recipe guarantees breakfast for the whole week! It also freezes well for you and your family to enjoy during any time of the season. 

Veggie Valentine PDF

Veggie Valentines
Download PDF • 3.09MB

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