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Five 5 Minute DIYs For Valentines Day

This year, I'm feeling particularly exhausted after the Christmas holiday season. So while I love making my home feel special for Valentine's Day, my goal was to design adorable décor that was simple to make and took very little time. These five - 5 minute crafts are the perfect way to dress up your home whether you choose just 1 or all 5! And don't miss some of my favorite Valentine treats to serve up to your someone(s) special!

valentine party

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1. XOXO Table Runner

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1. Determine the length of paper you need to run the length of your table, making sure to have extra to hang over the sides. For a dramatic look, let the ends touch the floor!

valentine table runner

2. Using your desired writing utensil, make X's and O's in rows until your runner is covered. Done!

2. Envelope Garland


valentine's day decorations


1. Fold the flap of your first envelope over your string and seal.

2. Add a heart over the tip of the flap.

3. Continue with the desired amount of envelopes.

4. Hang and admire!

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3. Kiss Balloons



1. Apply lipstick to lips and pucker up!

2. Kiss your balloon and continue to reapply lipstick as needed.

valentine balloons


1. Cut one long piece of string or yarn.

2. Tie a short string (2-3 inches) around the knot of each balloon.

3. Tie your short strings to the long one and slide them close together so you can't see gaps between your balloons.

4. Hang as desired!

valentine's day party

4. Folded Paper Hearts


  • paper in desired color - I used this cardstock

  • scissors

  • double sided tape

paper craft supplies


1. Fold your paper in half length-wise and cut off round corners to make an oval when unfolded.

paper craft

2. Start at a short end and accordion fold the entire length of your paper.

3. Attach a piece of tape to one end and fold your paper together, making sure the tape secured both sides.

folded paper

4. Gently pull the other end apart to create a heart!

Use them as bowl filler, or accents on your table. OR punch hold in each one and hang!

valentine decorations

5. Envelope Napkins



1. Unfold your napkin on a flat work surface and lay face down in the shape of a diamond.

valentines day napkin

2. Fold in the left and right points.

napkin folding

3. Fold up the bottom so the bottom and top points line up. Your napkin will resemble a house shape.

napkin folding

4. Fold the top point under to make an envelope shape.

heart napkin folding

5. Optional, tuck a valentine inside your "envelope" before folding the top point down and "sealing" with a sticker.

napkin envelopes

6. Lay at each place setting for a pre-dinner surprise for your guests or family!

napkin envelopes

decorate your space!

I absolutely love how this table turned out! Everything is so vibrant and cheery. These neon colors make me so happy, but feel free to use any color palette you like! I picked up some Valentine themed treats from Target including the X's and O's pretzels and heart shaped veggie snacks.

valentine party decorations

For dessert, I made the easiest Valentine bark. Make sure you're following along so you don't miss all those extra tips, recipe ideas, and DIY's!

valentine party

Here's a few more Valentine Treats I shared last year

- Valentine Monster Cookies

- Chocolate Covered Strawberry Baked Oatmeal

- Valentine Snack Boards

I hope you find a little inspiration here for some easy and quick ideas to make home feel a little festive this Valentine's Day!

xoxo, L


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