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10 Essential Items to Thrift for Winter Home Decor

Fall flew right by - so it’s time to swap out those pumpkins for winterberries!

A woman in a white sweater next to a shelf of framed artwork.

It seems like every year stores put out their winter and holiday decorations earlier and earlier. Even stores like Pottery Barn and Target are raving about their Christmas collections on their home page.

A living room table with red and white striped tablecloth and a red rose floral centerpiece.

You can get a head start on decorating for the winter season without spending a fortune. The thrift store can offer affordable, one-of-a-kind holiday decor. And theming your home to classic winter motifs, such as silver, evergreen, and ribbon means you can use your finds for years to come!

A hallway with a dog in front of a Christmas tree.

If you enjoyed our previous installment of this blog series, which covered 10 essential items to thrift for fall home decor, then read on!

1. Mini Frames

Wallet sized photos and art aren’t just for wallets. Mini frames are perfect to make into ornaments, stocking tags or gift toppers! And just because these frames are miniature, doesn’t mean you can’t alter their appearance.

A portrait of a woman in a miniframe on a Christmas tree.

These also make a great gift - insert a photo of you and a loved one into the frame and give it to them to put on their tree. You can even make matching ones!

A framed black and white photo next to snow dusted evergreen.

2. Silver Plated Bowls and Champagne Buckets

While warm antique brass is still absolutely stunning for winter, silver plated bowls and champagne buckets add an elegant touch to any table or shelf. Fill these bowls with greenery, pears, oranges, and pomegranates for a European cottage style.

A silver plated bowl of silver ornaments near a fireplace.

3. Ornaments

From holiday centerpieces to hanging displays in your window, ornaments can be upcycled a million different ways.

Gold ornaments on a white plate.

Don’t forget to check out THREE additional blog posts for DIY ornaments!

Yarn alphabet ornaments on a wooden plate

4. Ribbon

There are so many ways to decorate with ribbon! You can use ribbon to accessorize ornaments, wreaths (more on wreaths later), trees, and more. Focus on a cool palette of silver, white, and blue - or red and green for a classic Christmas feel.

A greenery and leaf centerpiece with red ribbon and gold jingle bells.

And of course you can tie ribbon around your gifts - they’ll look like they jumped right out of a holiday card! Take two extra long strips of ribbon, and wrap them around the top of the gift. Criss cross at the bottom, and then tie the ribbon into a bow at the top.

A Christmas tree with red ribbons and orange ribbons and silver ornaments.

5. Baskets

Baskets can hold greenery, garlands, and more. Or if you’re looking for a unique way to send gifts to your friends and family, you can make gift baskets! Opting for baskets over wrapping paper is a sustainable way to spread holiday cheer.

A woven basket with pine cones, evergreen, and gold jingle bells.

6. Nutcrackers

A nutcracker is a classic Christmas icon. Display full ones on your porch, and miniatures atop your shelf. For a chic upgrade, you can paint a nutcracker a solid color.

A fireplace shelf with a Christmas tree figurine, candle, and black Nutcracker.

7. Figurines

Don’t pass up those tiny ceramic figurines at thrift stores. Seek out figurines of houses to assemble your own Christmas village. If you don’t like their current look, you can always paint them.

A shelf with Christmas decor and figurines.

8. Cloches and Jars

Arrange your own winter wonderland inside decorative cloches and jars, such as in our blog post here. You can even incorporate the figurines from our previous suggestion to complete the scene.

A counter featuring Christmas trees and fake snow in jars.

Jars are also great to utilize for kitchen decor or store dry ingredients. You can tie the ribbon you thrifted around the rim or handle!

9. Quilts/Blankets

Bring the warm, cozy vibes to your home with quilts and blankets. Opt for throws for the couch and larger blankets for beds. Not only will these add to your winter decor, but they’ll keep you and your family warm during the cold winter months.

A Christmas tree.

10. Evergreen Wreaths

There’s always an abundance of evergreen wreaths that you can add to for a high end aesthetic! In fact, you can add several of the other items on this list, such as ornaments and ribbon. Turn your whole thrift store trip into a crafting one!

An evergreen wreath on a blue door.

Looking for more winter home decor tips?

Bundle up and explore more winter content with DIY home décor projects. The Rural Legend also encourages you to spread the holiday cheer - check out this blog about what to thrift specifically for Christmas home decor!

xoxo, L

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