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Make Your Room Look High End With Self-Adhesive Wall Moulding

This isn't your typical wall moulding! We added the most beautiful picture frame or box moulding to our family room and it took us less than an hour! Read on for the game changing product you need to make any room look high end!

Family room with various decor items including a wooden table and a glass vase with flowers.

We recently painted our family room AGAIN! This time, we chose our favorite shade of warm white, Alabaster. If that name sounds familiar, we painted all of our doors and trim the same color when we did our major trim overhaul!

Family room with self-adhesive wall moulding applied.

Paired with our black brick fireplace, the room finally feels perfect with Alabaster as our main color. It allows the antiques and warm wood tones in the family room to be the focal point while still creating a cozy vibe. To elevate the room even more, I have been wanting to add some type of wall treatment to the main 15 foot wall in this space.

A decorated family room with a black fireplace behind two arm chairs.

If you're not familiar with our house, the kitchen, eating area, and family room are all one long, narrow room, making designing the space a bit challenging. To help differentiate the 3 areas in this one room we've used rugs, furniture, and color. To help elevate the space, we also decided to add picture frame moulding to the family room - a first for our home!

A dining room with two curly, brown dogs in it and a table set with dishware.

While we are fairly advanced DIY'ers neither Tim or I really wanted to work a larger project right now. So when I found this ingenious product, I was immediately sold! Let me introduce you to self adhesive wall moulding from Luxe Architectural.

A family room with pre-built self wall moulding frames in the process of being applied.

These frames come pre-built and ready for installation. There are no tools, nails or glue required, making this an incredibly beginner friendly project! I also love that Luxe Architectural is a small female run business located here in the US!

Self-adhesive wall moulding frames being applied by Lindsey of The Rural Legend.

We went through several different design options for our wall, which you can see below. Ultimately we loved the simplicity of 3 panels across in sizes 48, 54, and 48 respectively.

After finding the center of the wall, we used a laser level to help us easily line up each frame both horizontally and vertically. We were able to install all 6 panels along with caulk the seams and paint in about an hour! We also decided to add moulding to the small wall opposite to the main wall for balance.

A laser level and a triangle straight edge tool being used to determine level lines for applying self-adhesive wall moulding frames.

Our family room has evolved so much over the course of the 6+ years we have lived here - as it should! But this is my absolutely favorite version and we are so in love with how luxe and cozy this space feels!

A decorated family room area with self-adhesive wall moulding frames and various furnishings.

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Have your own challenging space to design? Let us help! We now offer one on one online design consultations with Lindsey who can walk you through designing a room or two in our home! Check out our affordable consultations here!

A family room table with a glass vase holding white flowers.

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xoxo, L


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