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How To Style with Paintable Wallpaper

A fun and unique way to add texture and interest to your home is with wall treatments, which are not always budget friendly.

A wall with floral wallpaper and framed art.

In our own home, we have added texture with trim work in many different ways, mostly using MDF to save money. You can see some simple tips on installing trim here!

A wall with a candelabra, near a lamp with pink flowers.

But we just discovered an even easier and affordable way to add high end style to our primary bedroom with the use of paintable wallpaper.

A wall with white wallpaper and hanging frames.
source unknown

what is paintable wallpaper?

Paintable wallpaper is just that, wallpaper you can paint! But it's special in that it comes in a variety of stunning textured patterns that when painted add so much style and depth to a space!

A wall with black and gray painted wallpaper and a black chair.
source unknown

The textured patterns of paintable wallpaper offer a vintage/old world vibe that I just adore!

A light pink painted wallpaper in a bedroom.

We chose a beadboard pattern wallpaper from Lowe's for our primary bedroom to give the illusion of actual wainscoting or beadboard, but without the need for expensive supplies or power tools!

A man drilling on a wall.

We installed it just like regular wallpaper and waited at least 48 hours for the paste to dry before painting it with traditional latex paint. Stay tuned to see what color we chose!!!

An unfinished white wall.

Why should I choose Paintable wallpaper?

  • Adding texture and pattern to your space with paintable wallpaper is an affordable way to make a big impact in a space.

  • Adding vertical lines like wainscoting wallpaper helps to give the illusion of a taller, larger space.

  • Incorporating texture to your space can create a cozy, inviting vibe.

  • Depth and Dimension create a sense of luxury and style in a space.

Black paintable wallpaper and a vase of white flowers.
source unknown

Where can you use paintable wallpaper?

The limits are endless with paintable wallpaper! Add a beautiful pattern to a full wall or the lower half like in this stunning home.

Floral wallpaper on a wall with a round mirror and an open door to a bedroom.

Add it to the ceiling instead of expensive tin tiles for a grand space.

A lightbulb encased in glass hanging from a white ceiling.
source unknown

It can even add interest to a boring or basic piece of furniture like this gorgeous dresser!

A mint green dresser.

I put together a collection of my favorite styles for you! I have a sneaking suspicion that our bedroom will not be the only place we end up using this design element!

The Rural Legend printable wallpaper graphic.

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xoxo, L



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