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DIY Picture Ledges with an Antique Rope Bed

One of the most asked about items in my home are the picture ledges in our family room. Weekly, I get messages asking me to link them or share where to buy them. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, but they are a very unique DIY! The good news is that you can easily and affordably make these if you find the right materials! Read on for this easy DIY Picture Ledges tutorial!

DIY picture ledges made with an antique rope bed supporting several framed pictures and artwork.

These shelves are actually the sides to an antique rope bed! I inherited this bed from my grandparents, and we came up with the idea to hang the peg rails on the wall!

DIY picture ledges supporting a variety of framed artwork and pictures.

What's a rope bed and where can I find one?

A rope bed uses ropes to hold the mattress in place. Rope is woven around the pegs on the side rails to create a woven base. I see rope beds listed on Facebook Marketplace often and they're usually pretty affordable! A friend recently scored one for $20 to make shelves! You can also check eBay and estate sales near you!

What you need to make DIY Picture Ledges

how to make it

Close-up image of a wooden rope bed rail mounted on a wall.

To make the picture ledge, use your router to cut a shallow groove in the side of the bed rail, the entire length of the wood.

A wooden rope bed rail mounted on a white wall.

how to hang them

1. Remove a peg from each end of the rail.

2. Drill the entire way through the peg opening and through the back of the rail.

A peg piece sitting on a mounted wooden rope bed rail.

3. Grab a friend to help you hold up your rails and decide where you want to hang them.

4. Making sure your rail is level, mark your drill points on the wall. Drill your pilot holes and then insert your lag bolts to secure the rail to the wall.

Get ready to style!

Here are some of the ways I've styled our peg rails over the years.

Wooden DIY picture ledges holding decor, framed pictures, and framed artwork.

DIY picture ledges supporting some framed artwork and framed pictures in a living room space.

Looking for more DIY projects like this? Start HERE!

DIY picture ledges supporting some Christmas decorations.

DIY picture ledges supporting some framed artwork, framed pictures, with two curly brown dogs sitting beneath.

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xoxo, L

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30. Nov. 2023

I love this! I‘m curious- do you ever have problems with pictures/decor getting knocked off? I’m thinking about putting in similar shelving in a high traffic area But am nervous.

Gefällt mir
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