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Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom


I have been dying to use a bright and bold wallpaper somewhere in our home, and the half bath was the perfect place to do it! I found this paper at Target and completely fell in love! I was scared that papering the entire room would be way too much drama for a small space, so we chose to install board and batten to the lower two thirds of the walls and only paper the top third.

After ripping out the linoleum and laying down flooring to the match the rest of the first floor, the walls and trim were painted Alabaster to brighten the space.


We ended up with a new vanity and sink because the base of the original pedestal sink fell off and shattered in our garage. Trust me, I wasn’t too sad about that… The new vanity is much larger than the original pedestal sink, but it somehow helps to make the space feel bigger! Isn’t it funny how sometimes adding something larger to a small space can make the space itself feel bigger?!

Picture frames with wide mats allows contrast between the busy paper and the art I selected for the room. I spray painted our toilet paper holder, wall sconce, and ceiling light flat black and added a black hook for our hand towel.

If there ever was a room that expressed my personality, this is it! Bold but restrained, classic but a little quirky, feminine but not fancy. Never thought I’d compare myself to a bathroom, but yet here I am…


We have since given our powder room a moody English Cottage inspired makeover that you do NOT want to miss!

xoxo, L

Materials Used

- my own photography


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