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How to Utilize Color Drenching In Your Home

If you missed any of the fun, we have been working hard to transform our playroom into a more sophisticated space that serves the purpose of library, study, den, and play space. We are calling it our Parlour!

An interior of a parlour with couches.

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The jumping off point for this space was selecting the paint color. We chose Dark Auburn from HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams. It's a stunning rich burgundy color that lends warm brown tones. While this is not the reason we chose such a bold color, deep reds and burgundy tones are going to be a very popular home trend in 2024!

A room with bare white cabinets and a stepstool.

A warm toned room with a gray carpet and mahogany shelves.

I really wanted to try a new-to-me design trick in this room inspired by my recent tour of the HGTV Dream Home 2024 called COLOR DRENCHING.

Interior of a parlour.

What is Color Drenching?

Color Drenching is covering the entire space in the same color - walls, trim, doors, and even furniture or other accessories. It allows small spaces to appear bigger and reduces visual noise to allow certain aspects of the room to pop. When painting your room in all one color, selecting different paint sheens for the different surfaces is important!

A room with a blue couch and two dogs perched staring out the window.

By using differing paint sheens, it allows light to reflect and bounce around the room in different ways to create the illusion of a grander space! We painted the walls in a satin sheen, the ceiling in a flat sheen, and the doors, trim and new built-in in a semi gloss sheen.

A room with mahogany sliding doors closet and a patterned armchair.

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A close up of a chess board on a wooden table.

How we Chose Coordinating Colors for the Room

I know pairing colors together can be very challenging, so I love to rely on the curated Color Collections offered by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams. Each Color Collection has 10 paint colors that compliment each other perfectly so you can mix and match in anyway you like for a designer inspired space without stress!

A dog sitting on a light brown couch near a lamp.

We brought in a few fun pops of color from the Renewed Comfort Color Collection to pair with the Dark Auburn paint. The little storage ottoman by the chess board is similar in color to Oakmoss from the Color Collection. And the back of the cabinetry is the color Stardew from the same collection.

A corner of the parlor with framed artwork.

Tying the room together

We really wanted to let the color be the star of this room, so we selected accessories and furniture in warm, neutral tones to round out the space and give it a cozy, relaxing vibe.

An interior shot of the parlor

We added this beautiful deep seated sofa from 25 Home that serves as a single bed when we have guests. It is a great kid and pet friendly choice because every cushion and pillow is removable and machine washable! I love the masculine and relaxed feel of this oversized piece!

The lefthand view of a parlor with an open window.

Because I love to play with contrasting feminine and masculine style, I chose accent chairs with a more vintage feminine silhouette and covered them in a playful fabric called desert cheetah. It's perfect for a kid friendly space!

A brown dog resting on a cheetah arm chair.

The wool black and ivory area rug may look familiar to some of you as it used to live in our family room. It looks so perfect in the parlour and the neutral classic print really helps to ground the room.

Thrifted finds in the Parlour

You know I love to source my decor and other items from second hand shops when I can! Here are some of my favorite pieces:

A shelf featuring books, plants, and framed photo.

  • Saint Bernard hand painted on barn wood - $6

  • Coffee Table Books - varying from $2 to $10

  • Antique License Plate - from my dad's collection

  • Antique Drum Table - family heirloom

  • Wicker Lamp - $6

  • Large Plant Basket - $4

A shelf featuring framed photos, artwork, sculpture, and books.

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I would love if you left a comment and tell me what you think of our new Parlour space! To show the look, you can find everything we were able to link for you below!

xoxo, L

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