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How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Our master or primary bathroom is one of the aspects of this home that disappointed me when we bought this house 6 years ago. I had dreams of a grand space with a large soaking tup and vast amounts of storage.

Interior of a bathroom with dark green walls and a toilet.

Instead, our bathroom has a narrow stall shower, a 24 inch vanity, and very minimal storage. Because a full gut and renovation is not in our budget, we had to get creative with ways to make this small space feel much larger than what it is.

Interior of a bathroom with a toilet, shower curtain, and framed artwork.

All of these simple style tips will work in any space, but if you can relate to our tiny primary bathroom, this post is dedicated to you! xx

5 ways to make small a bathroom feel larger

1. Select bold, dark color

It seems counterintuitive, but painting a small space dark actually creates the illusion of a larger space!

A corner of a bathroom with a shower and framed artwork against a dark green wall.

Here are a few examples from our home that blew us away when we went dark:

2. Paint the Ceiling

You may have read in this previous post, that I am a big fan of painting trim and doors the same color as the walls to give the illusion of a larger space. But I have never painted the CEILING the same color as the walls before!

While we chose a different coordinating color for the door and trim, (more about that in this post) painting the ceiling the same moody warm green makes the space look enormous - even with one small window offering natural light!

And trying this trick in a small bathroom means you won't have a lot of ceiling to paint, which is a great way to take a big style risk!

A bathroom window with a striped curtain.

3. Think about your Shower Door

The top of our shower door sat about 2 feet below the ceiling and I realized it actually created the look of a shorter room - much like when curtains are hung too low.

Originally, we chose a tall shower door with clear glass that would reach almost reach the ceiling, but with our cottage style in mind, we opted for a shower curtain (which is actually a table cloth!) which we mounted at ceiling height.

Now when I stand in the shower, it feels huge even though we didn't change the physical size!!

A patterned shower curtain.

4. Consider your Trim

While we are very capable of changing our baseboards and adding trim for depth and dimension, I wanted to try a new and EASY technique in this space. Instead of spending money to replace our baseboards, we simply added to them to give the illusion of taller moudling. Read all about how we did it here!

The bottom of a room featuring a dark cabinet and marbled tile floor.

For more inspiration on how trim can create the illusion of a larger space, don't miss these posts!

5. Be mindful of Accessories

I love incorporating functional decor into my spaces! This gorgeous basket from an antique mall serves as decor and conceals our toilet paper.

A toilet with a basket at its side.

Adding hooks to the side of our vanity for washcloths and other small items saves wall space and doesn't detract from the style of the room.

Last, adding plants whether in a wall planter, hanging from the ceiling, or in a large floor pot, can help cozy up a space while breathing life into it.

Framed artwork and a wall planter against a dark wall.

I hope you find some inspiration here for your own spall space and are encouraged that even a room in your home that doesn't bring you joy can be transformed into something amazing!

xoxo, L


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What are the paint colors?


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What color did you use in the bathroom?

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