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How to Frame an Oval Mirror with Moldable Trim

We are currently in the midst of a major Primary Bathroom makeover and I have been trying to find as many easy, affordable ways as possible to make this small space feel more grand and luxe.

A bathroom interior

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Above our sink is a recessed medicine cabinet with a plain, unframed oval mirror. Instead of replacing the entire piece, which would have been expensive and laborious, I decided to find a way to up-cycle the mirror we already have without even taking it off the wall!

A bathroom mirror with a reflection of a woman in a black tank top.

I found the solution with a material I have never used before - moldable trim!

Moldable/Flexible trim can be used anywhere in your home from framing doors, to crown moulding, to baseboards for extra depth and dimension. It's traditionally made of a strong foam material that can be shaped and molded for arches and curves. It's also paintable!

An oval mirror with trim on the frame.

How to Use Moldable Trim on a Mirror

This DIY is both affordable and simple to do and the end result is so gorgeous! The best part is that you can customize this easy home improvement project to match YOUR home style!


  • moldable or flexible trim - see mine and other picks below!

  • sharp scissors or blade

  • super glue

  • paint of choice


1. Start by painting your trim in the color of your choice. I used interior latex paint in the color Cardboard by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams in a flat finish. NOTE: paint both sides of your trim! The mirror will reflect the back of the trim and if it's not painted, you will see it.

2. Clean the surface of your mirror to make sure the adhesive can do its job!

3. Apply a generous amount of super glue to a small section of your mirror. NOTE: I started my trim at the bottom center of my mirror, but you can start anywhere. Just be mindful of where the seam will be located!

A woman applying moldable trim to an oval shaped mirror.

4. Attach the end of your trim strip to the glue area.

5. Repeat the process one small section at a time, slowly bending the trim as you go to match the curve of your mirror. NOTE: this is a quick dry glue, so I only had to hold the section in place for a few moments before moving on.

A woman applying moldable trim to an oval mirror.

6. When you have covered the entire edge of your mirror in trim, cut the end so that it matches up with your beginning edge. NOTE: I was not great at this, and ended up choosing to cover my seam with a wooden applique!

Ivory wood applique.

shop Moldable Trim

Flexible moulding chart.

A bathroom interior with a mirror and sink.

With the mirror complete, we just have to put the final touches on this makeover and I can't wait to show you the full reveal!

Looking for more ideas on how to transform an old mirror? Don't miss these makeovers!

xoxo, L


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07 mar

Hi! I have a very similar mirror and wanted to try your idea. I purchased the same trim too. How did you get the trim the bend to go around the mirror? When I try to make the roundness, it doesn’t seem to want to bend that way. What am I doing wrong? Thank you?

Me gusta

31 ene

Is there a video for this ?

Me gusta
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