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DIY Skull Garland

I have been so inspired this year by all of the Halloween DIY's on Pinterest and Instagram! A lot of people have found small skeletons at the Dollar Tree and turned them into the cutest spooky décor! Unfortunately, my Dollar Tree had exactly zero skeletons for all of my DIY ideas! Instead, I found these little skulls and bones and knew exactly what I wanted to create - GARLAND!

skull garland

For a few dollars I transformed these little plastic pieces into spooky-chic décor for my peg shelves and I'm sharing the easy tutorial with you!

halloween decorations

What you need

plastic skulls and twine

As an affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you! That means, that when you click on a link in this post, I may make a small commission. Thank you for supporting me and the quality items I promote!

How to Make it

1. Spray paint all of your pieces and let them dry.

plastic skulls and crossbones

2. Take 2 of the larger bones and hot glue them together to make an X. Hot glue a skull to the front.

diy skull garland

3. Using a small dot of hot glue, attach each skull or bone to your twine in whatever pattern you like. I made 2 different styles but there are lots of other ways you could assemble your garland!

black skulls and crosbones

4. Make them as short or as long as you like! With 2 packs of heads and 2 packs of bones, I was able to make 2 long garlands with pieces still left over.

halloween decorations

These skull garlands make the best accent décor paired with my DIY Halloween wreath and some creepy art I printed out for free online. I added a little bit of faux spider web for an extra spooky vibe!

vintage halloween decorations

I hope you find some spooky inspiration here for your next Halloween DIY! Make sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook for more easy DIY's styling tips and a peek inside our everyday life.

xoxo, L

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