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Happy Halloween from the Hundred Acre Wood!

Updated: Feb 18

I love making our Halloween costumes every year! I usually have our family theme chosen by the beginning of summer. (don't judge!) But this year felt a little different with everything going on in the world. I had a hunch we would not be hosting our annual Halloween party, Boos, Booze, and Brews.

When my son declared he wanted to be Winnie the Pooh this year I was super excited, but knew I didn't want to invest as much time into our costumes since we wouldn't be showcasing them at a party or during trick or treating. My son decided I would be Piglet because he is Pooh's best friend <swoon> My son also decided his daddy would be Eeyore. We won't analyze that decision...

I found a Winnie the Pooh set of head band ears on Amazon...oh if only we had a Tigger to add to our group! I found matching sweat suits in the PERFECT colors for my guys at Old Navy and long johns for myself from Amazon. I was about to donate an old raspberry colored dress so I held onto it for piglet's torso, which is the only DIY our costumes needed this year! I cut off the sleeves of the dress and added electrical tape for Piglet's stripes. I cinched the bottom hem with ribbon and hot glue so the dress puffed out like Piglet's body.

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Whatever you decide to do this year to celebrate Halloween, I hope you are safe, have fun, and eat as much candy as you want!

xoxo, L

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