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The Look for Less: DIY Grapevine Bat Halloween Wreath

I was scrolling through Halloween décor inspiration when I came across this beautiful and spooky wreath from Pottery Barn and thought, "I can totally make that!" So I did! For a fraction of the cost! And I'm sharing the easy affordable tutorial with you so you can add some creepy vibes to your home and still have some money left over for Halloween candy! lol

halloween decorations

The Pottery Barn Bat Wreath retails for $60. I made mine for $9! (Michael's bat garland was on sale and I paid $1 for my lights. I already had all of the other supplies!

halloween bat wreath

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halloween decorations

How to Make a Halloween Bat Wreath

1. Spray your wreath with a few coats of flat black spray paint and let dry.

2. Unravel your garland and begin to gently pull the twigs apart for a fuller look.

black bat wreath

3. Lay your wreath out on your work surface and hot glue the end of the garland to your wreath. Continue securing the garland to your wreath every few inches with hot glue. I positioned the garland toward the outer perimeter of the wreath. The garland will most likely overlap around your wreath a bit depending on the size of the wreath.

4. Secure the other end to your wreath. NOTE - I cut off one of the loop ends of the garland but kept the other intact to hang my wreath!

black bat wreath

5. Gently pull apart the twigs of the garland so they all point the same direction around the wreath. Mine flow counter clockwise, but you decide. Arrange the bats so they all face the same direction. Because they are attached with wire, this is simple to do!

6. Wrap your fairy lights around your wreath, making sure the battery pack is on the back of the wreath. You can lightly hot glue the pack to your wreath or wire it around the wreath.

black grapevine bat wreath

How simple is that?! You can find my video tutorial for this wreath on my Instagram profile!

halloween decorations

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xoxo, L


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