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7 Easy Ways To Decorate With Ribbon For Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us, and I am SO excited to get my home dressed up for the holidays! One of my favorite and EASY materials to use to decorate my house for Christmas is ribbon! Yes that's right, my friends, ribbon is not just for presents! Read on to see how I use ribbon to decorate my holiday home!

A vase next to red candles next to a lamp.

Why should I decorate with Ribbon for Christmas?

  • Ribbon is a classic, elegant material for decorating and it pairs well with any Christmas style!

  • Ribbon can be used year after year, so even if you invest in high quality ribbon, you will definitely get your money's worth!

  • The same ribbon can be transformed into new decorations every year for variety!

  • Ribbon is easy to work with!

  • Ribbon doesn't take up a lot of space when storing off season!

The end of a table with a wreath on a chair and white runner.

Affordable and Sustainable places to source Ribbon

thrift stores

Most thrift stores usually have a craft section, and I always find a bag or two of ribbon spools for under $5 a bag! Even if I don't use every type of ribbon in the bag, I'm still saving so much money versus buying new!

saved ribbon from gifts

Do you already save your ribbons? If you don't, make sure you scoop up those pretty trimmings before collecting the carnage of Christmas morning present opening!

A gift wrapped in a navy blue bow and blue ornament.

Looking for some DIY gift wrapping ideas? Try these!

from store bought packaging

Several blankets I have purchased have come wrapped with ribbon. I've seen the same for everything from socks to holiday pajamas to teat towels! Hold onto that ribbon for the holidays!

An assortment of ribbon on a table.

7 easy ways to decorate with ribbon

1. elevate your ornaments

Most ornaments come with that thing gold or silver string. Easily elevate the look of your baubles by replacing the strings with a gorgeous thin ribbon! I have a preference for velvet because it's just so cozy and luxe, but choose a type that works best with your style!

A Christmas ornament attached to a ribbon in front of a Christmas tree.

2. Make garlands

Whether you're creating your own DIY garland, or updating an old one, ribbon is strong and durable to hold whatever you're hanging! Last year, I used gold satin ribbon to create my own bell garland by tying each bell separately to a long ribbon that spanned my mantle.

A bell garland over a fireplace.

Don't miss these other DIY garland tutorials!

3. decorate the tree

Have you ever tried a ribbon tree? Using your collected ribbon in any material and colors, tie simple bows to the branches. Go as simple or elaborate as you want! The final look is absolutely stunning!

A Christmas tree decorated in ribbons and ornaments.

4. adorn frames

Just like you would wrap a present, dress up some of your picture frames with ribbon and a bow for a festive look in under 5 minutes!

A wall of framed artwork wrapped in red ribbon.

5. dress up your garland

Tie bows to the branches of your garland just like the tree we mentioned, OR add long tendrils of ribbon on one side mixed with bells or baubles.

The side of a fireplace with evergreen and a ribbon tied onto a bell garland.

6. simple napkin rings

Instead of expensive, fancy napkin rings, make your own ring with ribbon bow. Add on a name tag for dinner parties and place at each setting!

A ribbon tied around a napkin with winter greenery and a jingle bell.

7. Ribbon Art

With a few simple materials, this easy DIY makes the most beautiful Christmas decoration! See the full tutorial here!

Framed ribbon art atop a wooden shelf.

If you're looking for even more affordable holiday ideas and inspiration, start here!

xoxo, L

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