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DIY Nutcracker Christmas Garland

One of the simplest ways to dress up your home for the holidays is with garland, whether it be greenery, wooden beads, or something a little more unique. Last year I added dried oranges to my evergreen garlands for a warm, natural touch. This year I'm layering in a few more fun DIY garlands that couldn't be easier!

Christmas garland

I was also inspired to style my home with a cozy, moody Christmas vibe full of dark greenery, black and vintage metallic accents, and warm wood tones. I saw these gorgeous black nutcrackers at Crate and Barrel, but they are definitely not in my budget. Keep reading to see my dupe for only $9!!!

black nutcracker garland

Where can I hang garland?

Garland isn't just for your mantle and, really, can be displayed just about anywhere for a pop of style. Hang greenery around your windows with lights or accents mixed in. Drape them over shelves, letting them cascade down the sides or hang them on stair railings tied with ribbon.

christmas playroom

With a few small command hooks, I strung this adorable pom pom garland on the wall of our playroom this year.

garland on staircase

For my mantle this year, I intertwined my dried orange garland with dark eucalyptus garlands. I made my new DIY garlands different lengths so they would hang separately from one another to show them off. For a cohesive look, I used twine which ties in with my dried oranges as well. Layering different tones, textures, and materials creates a curated look and adds depth and interest to the main focal point of our family room. And I couldn't be more obsessed! Are you ready to make some for your home???

dried orange garland

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DIY Nutcracker Garland


  • small wooden nutcrackers

  • paint - this is option because these little nutcrackers would look gorgeous as is! I used flat black spray paint, but choose a palette that works for your style!

  • hot glue gun or super glue

  • twine - or any type of string you like

raw wood nutcrackers

How to Make it

1. If you are painting your nutcrackers, do that first.

black wood mini nutcrackers

2. Place a small dot of glue on the top of one of the nutcracker's heads and attach your twine.

3. Continue doing this with each nutcracker making sure to evenly space each soldier. Mine are about 6 inches apart. Tip: Make sure you leave several inches of twine on either end of your garland string to hang it!

4. Hang where desired!

nutcracker garland

Wooden Nutcracker Makeover

Remember the black nutcrackers I mentioned earlier that were way out of my budget? I found almost identical ones at Michaels! These 14 inch raw wooden soldiers are slightly shorter than the high end ones, but they are currently on sale for $9!

raw wood nutcrackers

I covered mine with a few light coats of matte black spray paint and transformed them into the perfect accents for my fireplace shelves! Here's a cute, shorter version as well!

large black wood nutcracker

Looking for more easy affordable Christmas DIYs? Start here! And don't miss my DIY bottle brush garland tutorial!

white brick fireplace with christmas garland

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xoxo, L


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