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5 Easy Ways To Affordably Style Your Home For Fall

Constantly swapping out my seasonal décor can get expensive so I have come up with simple and AFFORDABLE ways to transition my home season to season without spending a lot of money! Are you ready to learn my tricks?

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Fall is right around the corner and I am ready for it! Are you??? I absolutely love styling my home seasonally to match the vibes of the weather outside and the holidays we celebrate. I think it helps our home to feel extra cozy - especially over the fall and winter months!


Throw pillows are such an easy way to bring in colors of the season but storing all those beautiful cushions takes up a ton of room! Instead, invest in a good quality pillow insert and switch the covers seasonally. I love to use rich earth tones for fall! And the awesome extra bonus is that I keep off season covers on the pillow! I just swap them so the fall cover is on top and there's nothing to store for later!

throw pillows

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There's no need to put out a bunch of new décor season to season! Just swap fresh summer flowers and greenery for dried florals and fall branches! Did you catch my tutorial for Dried Florals last week? If you're not into DIY, I put together a list of very affordable options that will give you the same look and vibe! Fill neutral vases and pottery for an easy but impactful look.

dried hydrangeas


Cooler temperatures mean warming up with sweaters and blankets! Casually toss a blanket or 2 over the arm or back of your sofa. Fill a basket with a few throws. You'll always have something warm and cozy on hand plus they instantly cozy up a space! AND, throws are another great way to bring in a pop of color seasonally. I am loving this rust colored throw!

throw blanket

family room


Look for baskets and crocks at thrift stores and add a house plant to it. (keep the plant in its original pot!) These earthy tones and textures definitely give those fall vibes we all want and can be used in other ways throughout your home too!

snake plant in a basket


You know I'm a girl who loves a good gallery wall! I love to download digital prints from Etsy and either print them at home or have an affordable place like Staples print them for me! This year I found a shop on Etsy that allows you to pick ANY 10 art prints from their collection to download for UNDER $10! I selected a few gorgeous fall landscapes, some botanical prints and a few more Halloween themed prints to swap in next month!

gallery wall

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Is there a way you love to dress up your home for Fall? Tell me in the comments! Make sure to follow along on Instagram for even more affordable tips and tricks to style a beautiful home all year round!

xoxo, L

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