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5 Inexpensive Sources for Art

woman and mini goldendoodle in bed with light gray walls, tan bedding, gallery walls

Filling your home with gorgeous can be expensive so I have lots of ideas for how to fill those walls without emptying your wallet!

1. Pinterest

white brick fireplace, built in shelves, hoya plant in woven basket, thfited decor, vintage books, artwork, brass candlesticks

I have mentioned this tip in other blog posts. Doing a simple Pinterest search for free downloadable art will offer a treasure trove of art options that won't cost you a dime. You can print your art at home on good quality art paper or have them inexpensively printed somewhere like Costco or Staples.

2. Etsy

farrow and ball dead salmon, home office, vintage art gallery wall with thin gold frames

I am a lover of all things vintage, and Etsy has a wide array of sellers that offer incredible inexpensive vintage art prints you can download to your computer that will make your home look like you filled it with high end art! I only spent $14 on the digital art for the basement makeover! Can you even?!

dark blue family room with navy striped wallpaper, mini goldendoodle sitting on coffee table, antique luggage cart, vintage gallery wall

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vintage digital download art prints from etsy

Beyond vintage prints, Etsy is a great place to look for any form of digital art on a budget. Here's a list of my favorite Etsy sellers

3. Family Photos

stairs landing with mini labradoodle, black and white family portrait gallery wall, antique decor

I don't always see big home bloggers fill their walls with family photos, but I absolutely love to display the people I love most in my home! Create an entire wall of different family photos or mix them in with other art. Want a bold way to display your family shots whether they were taken by a professional photographer or not? Have them all printed in black and white for a cohesive look!

4. Thrift Stores

white brick fireplace with shelf, vintage decor and thrifted artwork in gold frames

You can find incredibly beautiful art prints in thrift stores, but it might take some patience. Don't be discouraged after only looking in one store. Good things come to those who thrift often!

5. DIY Art

white 3d hot glue art framed, on green dresser with accessories, farrow and ball dead salmon

There are so many easy DIY tutorials for wall art out there! I have been wanting to make my own textured art with hot glue for a while, and the basement makeover was the perfect opportunity to finally try it! Find the full tutorial here!

whit 3d hot glue wall art on dark blue wall

Looking for more? Try this easy abstract blow paint art!

boy sitting on orange tufted bench puttign on his shoes, gallery wall with diy abstract blow paint art.

Looking for tips for how to put a gallery wall together? Don't miss this post!

Do you have another sources for affordable artwork I didn't mention here? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to be inspired by you too! Don't forget to follow along on Instagram for more DIYs, simple styling tips and a peek inside our every day life!

xoxo, L

love it? pin it for later!

gallery wall with thin gold frames, vintage art prints from etsy, and farrow and ball dead salmon wall color


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