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3 Easy ways to decorate with Wreaths For Christmas

A wreath is a classic icon of the Christmas season. But did you know wreaths can be styled in so many ways beyond adorning your front door?! Here are 3 of my favorite, unique ways to style wreaths in my Christmas Home!

A wooden drawer under framed artwork with a wreath.

1. Use as a centerpiece

The holiday season is filled with opportunities to host family and friends, and many people like to add a festive centerpiece to their dinner table or entryway. This easy hack for a stunning centerpiece requires only a wreath and some candlesticks. I made this centerpiece for my Fall table and you can recreate the look for ANY event!

An evergreen and winterberry centerpiece.

Simply lay a wreath down on your table and add candle sticks in varying heights to the center! Bonus points for adding a wooden or silver tray underneath your wreath. If you're using real candles, just make sure they're far enough away from the greenery on your wreath!

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2. Hang on the backs of chairs

I have been wanting to do this for years and I finally made it happen with these adorable $10 mini wreaths from Target!

Easy DIY Chair Wreaths

1. Cut a long piece of ribbon (any color or style!)

2. Thread a small bell onto your ribbon.

3. Tie a knot about 3 inches above your bell.

4. Loop your ribbon around your wreath and attach to the back of your chair, or anywhere you'd like a little extra holiday magic. I tied my bow right next to the initial knot and rotated the ribbon around the rung of my chair so that the knot and bow are placed at the top edge of the opening in the wreath.

Pro Tip: Adjust the knot placement based upon where the bell will hang on your wreath. Hold the knot up to the top of the wreath and make sure that at this height, the bell hangs in the center or slightly lower in the opening.

A chair with a wreath on the back.

A chair with the wreath on the back plus ribbon and bell.

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3. Hang over artwork or mirrors

Hanging a wreath over your framed art and mirrors is such an easy way to decorate for Christmas without sacrificing any of your surface space! Loop twine or ribbon through your wreath and attach the ends to the back of your frame where with hot glue or simply tie it to the frame hook.

A mirror with a wreath.

You can use any size wreaths and any style! I love the look of this gold metal wreath on my entryway mirror!

A gold metal wreath over a mirror.

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I hope you find some holiday inspiration here? If you're looking to make your own wreath easily and affordably, you know I've got lots of ideas for you! Start HERE!

xoxo, L


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