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DIY Christmas Wreath

My mom and I have a tradition of choosing a craft to do together every Thanksgiving. This year my mom found this gorgeous wreath, and I'm so excited to share how we made it with all of you!

christmas wreath on front door

My mom is a professional when it comes to wreaths and floral design. Years ago, when I made my first wreath with her I was super intimidated because I had no idea what I was doing. She made it look effortless, and with a few tricks, I'm going to make it effortless for you too!

2 women making wreaths

How to Make an Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath


  • Flameless taper candle - these are an updated version!

  • Wooden Candle Cup - My mom already had some but these are adorable!

  • 2 artificial pine sprays - my mom has an amazing wholesale craft store 5 minutes from her home, so she collected options for us there, but I found some really great options you can order online. These all come in packs of 6, so you could use the extra for vase or bowl filler or add to garlands for a fuller look!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. That means, that when you click on a link in this post, I may make a small commission. Thank you for supporting me and the quality items I promote!

wreath making supplies


Insert your candle into the candle cup, and using hot glue, attach to the bottom inside of the hoop. My mom added a small piece of dowel to the hoop before attaching the candle cup because she wanted her candle to sit higher. To each her own!

woman making awreath

Take one of your pine sprays and lay it on an angle on the right side of the hoop with the stem pointing down. The place where the greenery starts is where the spray should attach to the hoop.

pine branch picks

Taking floral wire, fasten the spray to the lower part of the hoop just to the right of the candle cup. You can do this by twisting the wire first around the floral stem and then tightly around the hoop itself. Trim off the excess wire.

using floral wire

Next, fasten the pine spray to the hoop toward the top of the spray. As you adjust and fluff the spray, you will hide the floral wire. Repeat this step on the left side. This is what it will look like when you are finished.

embroidery hoop wreath with candle

If your sprays have longer stems, simply clip them off. My stems were very short thick so I crossed them over one another, secured them with wire and positioned my pine needles to cover them.

christmas wreath making

If you wanted, you could stop right there! It's already stunning! But if you choose, add your own creative style! Using your floral extras, clip small portions off of the picks and lay them out on your wreath where you'd like them to go. You don't want to attach anything just yet. Right now, you are staging everything to make sure it all goes well together. You can choose to make everything symmetrical or randomly place pieces. I cut off one cotton piece at a time and laid them in a more random fashion.

emboirdery hoop wreath

I repeated this step with the leaves I chose. My mom used eucalyptus in hers along with berries. Once you are happy with everything's placement, put a small amount of hot glue on each piece or stem and tuck it into the pine spray. Be mindful of your fingers and the hot glue! I have been burned many a time!

christmas wreath on black front door

Once everything is glued, I like to hang my wreath up and take a step back to make sure everything looks right. It doesn't take much to simply snip a piece out if you change your mind on its placement! I also take this time to fluff and adjust everything. All of your picks and sprays are meant to move and adjust so don't be afraid to bend, twist, and tuck!

Christmas wreath on black front door

You can hang your wreath on a wreath hanger or with ribbon. I used leftover burgundy velvet ribbon that I had from last year.

christmas wreath on navy front door

I know it seems like a lot of steps, but it's really just fastening with wire and adding a little hot glue. Be your own stylist and play around with the picks you choose. You can see the differences between my wreath and my mom's.

woman on front porch with christmas wreath

Hers is fuller, she hid the candle cup behind the pine branches, and she added color. I wanted my candle cup exposed and wanted a more simplistic look. Which one do you love more?

woman on front porch with winter wreath

Please show me your finished products! If you have questions or need clarification please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I'd love to help!

xoxo, L

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1 Comment

Jan Hess
Jan Hess
Nov 30, 2020

I love the wreaths

you have made it looks so easy to do

thanks for sharing your ideas

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