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How to make a professional looking Floral Arrangement

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hellebores and daffodils in an acrylic flower vase

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and sending mom flowers is a very popular gesture for mother's day. But it's EXPENSIVE! If you can't be with your mom or someone you love as a mom for mother's day, it makes sense to have flowers delivered, but if you can deliver in person or want a stunning centerpiece for your brunch table, here are some simple tips for arranging a mother's day floral arrangement that will save you a ton of money! Plus what mom won't appreciate knowing you arranged flowers for her by yourself!

wild cut flowers in antique pitcher and wash bowl

Psst: This might be a mother's day post, but use these tips all year round and make everyone think you have a professional florist on speed dial!

The grid trick

shallow bowl floral christmas centerpiece

Ever wonder how florists get all their stems clustered together so perfectly for a full look? They often use floral tape to make a grid on the top of the vase! Scotch tape works just fine too! Depending upon the size of the vase, I might cut my tape into thinner strips. The openings in the tape grid will prevent your flowers from drooping over and help keep them tightly upright!

chirstmas holiday centerpiece with red roses and greenery

Pro Tip: The grid trick is a GREAT way to style flowers in a shallow bowl too! I used this cut glass antique bowl from my grandmother that was only a few inches deep. The grid helps keep everything secure even with short stems.

Keep the color Scheme simple

spring floral arrangement with tulips and mums

Sometimes I struggle with getting floral arrangements to look professionally styled, and usually it's because I have too many types of flowers. If you want to use more than one type of flower, keep your color palette to one or two colors. Bonus Points for choosing florals in mom's favorite color for her Mother's Day floral arrangement!

Add greenery

shallow bowl floral arrangement

I can't think of a single floral centerpiece or arrangement I've made that didn't look more elevated with the addition of eucalyptus or other greenery. Our local grocery store even sells seeded eucalyptus for under $5. It adds an organic elegant touch to make your arrangement look professional made.

One at a time

lilacs in a blue glass antique canning jar

If you're using more than one type of flower, even in the same shade, add one type of flower at a time to your floral arrangement. This will help you evenly space each type of flower so it looks well put together.

More money saving tips

  • Thrift a statement vase or cut glass bowl. You'll spend so much less and I always see so many amazing vases at the thrift store. Pro Tip: Look at the shape not the color! If you see a vase with a really cool shape, but don't love the color, you can paint it! See tips for how I do that here!

floral arrangement in brass footed bowl

  • Check the grocery store for florals! Several of the stores in our area have a dedicated spot in the floral department where you can buy small bundles of one kind of flower. They're also usually much cheaper than buying an arranged bouquet and I can choose exactly what I want!

wildflower bouquet in a blue glass canning jar

  • Cut your own flowers! Mother's Day falls at the heart of Spring and there are so many stunning blooms you can cut out of your own garden for FREE! Don't have a green thumb or flower garden? Make friends with your neighbors! I'm always asking if I can cut a few stems from the neighbor's yard to add to my own!

basket with handle filled with pink daisies

  • Skip the flowers and gift a flowering plant! This Easter, I lined a beautiful basket with plastic and added potted flowers for a stunning centerpiece that lasted MUCH longer than a floral bouquet! See how I did it here.

I hope this helps you feel less intimidated about making your own floral arrangement for any occasion! And remember: If you get to the end of making your arrangement and something doesn't look quite right, you can always take your stems out and try again!

xoxo, L

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