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10 Unique Wall Decor Ideas to Display As Art

Artwork is an easy way to instantly elevate the look of any space. It's also highly personal because what you decide to display should be based upon what makes YOU feel joy! I like to say, "hang your happy!" These 10 unique items make beautiful additions to gallery walls or stand alone statement wall art. Read on for lots of simple affordable wall decor ideas to add more character to your walls and home!

Several pictures and pieces of art framed on a wall.

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Some Wall Decor Ideas From Me To You


Puzzles make beautiful artwork with a few simple steps. I was so excited to try this easy DIY project with a recent thrifted puzzle of a map of Europe. As we were assembling this $2 find as a family, I commented that the bright colors and illustrations would make beautiful art for our home! My son, Jackson, instantly spoke up telling me he wanted this puzzle to hang in his room! And because this DIY is so easy, I had Jackson work on this project himself!

A puzzle framed on a wall above a child's bed.

Using a paint brush, apply a generous layer of Mod Podge to your entire assembled puzzle. Make sure to cover your work area first to protect it from the adhesive! Based on your preference, you can choose a glossy or matte sheen for your Mod Podge. Allow the glue to completely dry and then transfer to a frame and hang!

A framed puzzle hanging above a child's bed.

Our map of Europe puzzle was a unique size, so we made our own DIY frame using some trim and super glue. Jackson even chose the color and painted the frame himself!

game boards

Whether you attach a hook and look command strip to the back or frame it like the game in the photo, board games look so beautiful displayed as art! This Parcheesi board game actually belonged to my grandmother and I have fond memories of playing this game with her as a child. The board was torn in half due to wear and tear, so I framed it to protect it and have as a sweet sentimental piece of art.

A framed Parcheesi board game hanging with framed photos and wall art.

Display a game board mixed in with art prints and photographs or go bold with an entire wall of framed games! Pro Tip - find old games inexpensively at thrift stores for this project!

Wood cutting boards

I don't have the wall space, but if I did I would absolutely have an entire wall of wood cutting boards! I love the warm organic look, and hanging boards on the wall is both beautiful AND functional!

A wall with several hanging wooden cutting boards.


Shallow baskets make beautiful 3D art! Display a collection of unique woven baskets or add one into other types of art like I did on our peg rail shelves for spring!

Shelves with various framed pictures and a displayed weaved basket hanging in a room with brown, curly dogs walking by.


Whether you find a cool piece at a thrift store or have some special heirloom jewelry from a loved one, unique statement jewelry should be displayed as the artwork it truly is! Create an entire display board for your jewelry collection or frame a statement piece like I did with my grandmother's cameo!

A metallic bronze-looking frame displaying a pendant with a 3D silhouette of a person.

license plates

My grandpa had a large collection of license plates that are now antiques! I love the character that the rust and faded colors add to a gallery wall! We hung 3 as a collection in Jackson's room and I added one to a mixed gallery wall in the parlour!

A parlour with several photos, artwork pieces, wall decor, and a license plate hanging up.

ALSO, can we take a moment to highlight that the wall in the above photo is the SAME wall as the one in the Parcheesi board photo?!?! If you missed our playroom to parlour transformation, you need to see it!

fabric and tapestries

Tapestries aren't a new concept when it comes to wall decor ideas, but nonetheless, they add texture and character to your home! If tapestries aren't your vibe, consider framing some beautiful old handkerchiefs or needlepoint work! When we were preparing my grandparents' house for their estate sale, I found a needlepoint piece my grandmother made as a girl. It's stitched onto an old flour sack and you can see the faded logo in the corner!

A wall with artwork and a needlepoint piece framed and on display.

To frame fabric you can attach to the frame backing with a spray adhesive or lay it flat over the backing and lay a mat over it to keep it in place.

butcher paper roll Dispenser

Another item I wish I had room for in our kitchen! Hanging a beautiful roll of butcher paper serves form and function! Use it to write out your weekly menu, let your children draw pictures on it, or write down a favorite quote or scripture! To shop our favorite wall mounted paper dispensers, CLICK HERE!

A butcher paper roll dispenser hanging nearing a desk.


Family recipes written in your loved one's handwriting are such a special thing to frame and display! Whether you frame the original recipe card or have a copy enlarged to frame, this makes such a beautiful gift and addition to any home!

Cookies on a plate with a framed recipe in the background.

old tools

Really the heading for this one should be "any old cool things you can hang on the wall"! I have hung everything from old paint brushes to antique farm pullies to old kitchen tools. If it makes you happy and you can find a way to hang it, do it! Unique items that aren't traditional framed photos or art make people stop and say, what is that?! Unique wall decor ideas like this allow you to share a special story while adding heart and soul to your space!

Several framed pieces of art on a wall with a hanging paintbrush.

For more easy ideas for gallery walls and artwork, do not miss these posts!

xoxo, L

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