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Our 9 Favorite Sun Loving Perennials

After sharing some of our favorite shade loving plants on Instagram the masses requested a list of sun loving perennials, and we couldn't sum it up in a 30 second Instagram video!

So by popular request here are the plants we couldn't live without in our garden, Zone 6.

A garden of pink and blue flowers.

There are thousands of plant options out there and while this list is not extensive, these are our tried and true perennials that survive and thrive in our garden and provide long bloom times or visual interest for any landscape.

A garden pathway.

Top 9 Sun Loving Perennials

1. Abelia

zones 4-11

We have the kaleidoscope variety and it produces small leaves that go from pinkish which to orange to red, giving us color for 3 seasons even when it's not in bloom. For those in warmer climates, Abelia is actually EVERGREEN!

A photo of abelia flowers.

2. Amsonia

zones 3-11

Amsonia produce adorable star shaped blue flowers in clusters. If you're American, they're very patriotic! Amsonia is a very easy to care for plant and is drought tolerant once well established.

Amsonia flowers.

3. Cone Flowers

Zones 3-9

Stunning spiky black centers surrounded by vibrant thing petals, cone flowers are a great choice to add color from summer through fall.

A cone flower.

4. Yarrow

zones 3-9

We love the slightly greyish green tone of yarrow's feathery leaves. When in bloom, yarrow produces big clusters of tiny balls of color. Yarrow spreads quickly on its own year to year giving you a fuller flower bed for free! You can also easily dry yarrow for fall decor!

Yarrow plants.

5. Baptisia

Zones 5-9

Baptisia grows quickly adding height and interest with it's unique flower shape. They split easily in the spring to transplant for more coverage in your garden. For tips on splitting and transplanting, don't miss this post!

Baptisia plants.

6. Bee Balm

Zones 4-8

A fabulous pollinator loving flower, this spreads quickly, so if you don't want it everywhere, consider planting it in a pot. I always call these alien flowers because of their crazy and unique shape!

A bee balm plant.

7. Sedum (Stonecrop)

Zones 3-10

There is an abundance of sedum varieties from large mounding types to low ground covers. They love the sun and are drought tolerant. They are another plant that splits well.

Sedum plants.

8. Columbine

Zones 3-9

We consider columbine the best bang for your buck because they reseed themselves and produce lots of new plants every year. We started with 2 columbine in our front flower bed and have since transplanted from the original two all around our property!.

Columbine flowers.

9. Lamb's Ear

Zones 4-9

Lamb's ear is a silvery blue-green with the softest fuzzy leaves and stunning towers of pink flowers. Bees love them, making them an awesome pollinator plant.

Lamb's ear plant.

Looking for even more landscaping and plant inspiration? Start here!

xoxo, L


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