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6 Deer Resistant Plants For Your Garden

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, "What can I plant that the deer won't eat?" These 6 deer resistant plants are not only safe from Bambi, but are gorgeous and easy to care for. And I have all 6 in my backyard!

A collection of outdoor plants and flowers.

While there are many more than six deer resistant plants, the added bonus of THESE six is they will give you a lot of bang for your buck! (unintentional deer pun!) Meaning, the length of time these plants will provide color and beauty to your landscaping every year makes them a great investment!

Deer Resistant Shade Plants

Plants in the shade.

1. Ferns

I split my ferns every spring because they make the shady parts of my landscaping look lush and jungle like! Plus there are so many beautiful colors and leaf shapes to choose from!

A fern.

Need tips for splitting plants? Don't miss this post!

2. Hellebores

Hellebores is one of my all time favorites because it blooms from early spring the whole way through the fall offering the longest blooming season at our home! Hellebores also make stunning cut flowers and last a long time!

A hellebore plant.

See how I styled hellebores in my tips for how to make a professional looking floral arrangement post!

A professional floral arrangement of hellebores.

3. Coral Bells

Another personal favorite because even when they're not in bloom, coral bell leaves come in a such a wide array of beautiful colors from bright coral to deep plum.

Coral Bells.
photo credit: Michigan Bulb

Deer Resistant Sun Loving Plants

1. Abelia

Abelia in the sunlight.

We have several "Fireworks" Abelia on our property. Their leaves transition from a light lime green, to a striated dark green to pink, red and orange in the fall. Their clusters of white flowers also look stunning in a summer bouquet!

2. Baptisia

I inherited some transplant Baptisia from our dear neighbor and the unique foliage and purple flowers are stunning.

Baptisia flowers.

3. Yarrow

Yarrow's lacy leaves and large clusters of tiny flowers are a show stopper in our garden and can be dried for beautiful fall décor!

Clusters of Yarrow flowers.

One More Tip

Completely in love with a type of plant that deer can't resist? Try planting strongly scented herbs around your garden to make your plants less appetizing to deer! Deer rely heavily on their sense of smell for feeding, so herbs like chives, mint and lavender can mask the appealing aroma of nearby plants!

chive plant in backyard
Deer Resistent Shade Plants
  1. Ferns

  2. Hellebores

  3. Coral Bells

Deer Resistant Sun Loving Plants
  1. Abelia

  2. Baptisia

  3. Yarrow

beebalm in planter

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xoxo, L


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