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How To Make Patterned Candles For Spring

I shared this simple tutorial for making decorative candles a few years ago and just learned an even EASIER technique for this affordable seasonal DIY craft! These beautiful patterned candles can be customized to any event or season and they make an awesome homemade gift! Read on to learn how to make this beautiful spring home decoration!

A bookshelf with various decorations next to a fireplace with a patterned candle on the mantle.
Everything in the image above was THRIFTED! For tons of thrifting inspiration and ideas, start HERE!

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Would you believe the stunning pattern on these candles is actually a thin layer of paper napkin?! In the original tutorial, you warm the wax using a hairdryer. By melting the candle wax, the napkin absorbs into the wax adhering it to the candle and all evidence that you simply used a napkin vanishes! Using a hair dryer was easy, but took quite a bit of time! This new tool makes very quick work of this simple spring home decor craft!

A wicker flower vase with flowers, a metal decorative apple, and a floral patterned candle sitting on a wooden table.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Using napkins with candles

Are these safe to burn?

YES! When using a pillar candle, the flame will not touch the outside of the candle where the napkin has been melted into the wax. Practice normal candle safety by not leaving your candle unattended.

Can I use battery candles?

Absolutely! As long as your battery candle is made of real wax, this simple DIY spring craft is perfect for battery candles!

Can I use taper candles?

Unless you never plan to burn your candle, I would not recommend using taper candles for this project. I have tried and the napkin always catches fire.

How can I style my patterned candles?

These DIY patterned candles can be styled anywhere from your table to your kitchen to entryway and beyond! They would look gorgeous as part of a holiday centerpiece!

A floral patterned candle on a glass and wood table in a living room.

DIY Patterned Candles for your Spring Home Decor

What you need

  • pillar candles - this craft is a great way to upcycle thrift store pillar candles!

  • wax paper

  • scissors

  • iron - NOTE: the iron may pick up some of the wax during this process so if you are an avid ironer, I recommend buying or THRIFTING an inexpensive one for crafts!

Closeup shot of a patterned candle being held up to camera.

How to make it

1. Start by separating the layers of your paper napkin so that you have the single layer with the print on it.

2. Cut your napkin to length so that it wraps around your candle with about 1/4 inch overlap at the ends

NOTE: it is okay if the napkin hangs over the top and bottom of the candle. We'll trim that later.

3. Tightly wrap your napkin and candle in a sheet of wax paper.

4. Using your iron on the medium setting, move your iron quickly over the candle never letting it sit in any area for more than a second.

An iron pressed to wax paper wrapped around a thin layer of paper napkin and a candle.

5. The heat from the iron will melt both the candle and the wax paper encasing the napkin in a thin layer of wax, securing it to the candle.

6. Continue this process until the entire candle appears smooth and you cannot see any areas where the napkin has not be covered in wax. Remove the wax paper periodically to check your progress.

7. To seal the ends, first remove the wax paper so you are left with just the napkin and candle.

8. Trim the napkin at the bottom of the candle so you have about 1/3 inch overhang. Fold this part under the candle and secure in place with the heat from the iron.

An iron pressed to the bottom of a candle that has a thin layer of napkin around it.

9. Trim the top edge of the napkin so it rests flush with the top rim of your candle. Seal the edge carefully with your iron.

A lit floral patterned candle sitting on a fireplace mantle.
See all the details on how we painted our fireplace black in this tutorial on HOW TO PAINT BRICK

If you're on the hunt for even more simple affordable Spring DIY projects, START HERE!

xoxo, L

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The Rural Legend graphic with several floral patterns on a dark grey background.

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