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Fall Floral Wreath DIY

This gorgeous fall farmhouse style floral wreath might be my favorite DIY wreath ever! The colors are so brilliant and work so well together.

fall wreath

One thing I want you to know before heading to the directions (and I really want you to trust me on this) DO NOT BE INTIMIATED BY THIS WREATH! It may look complicated or you might be concerned it won't turn out the way mine did, but there is a secret to wreath making and I'm going to share it with you.

fall wreath

Nothing is permanent! If you glue something in place and decide it doesn't look right, just pull it off and start again! You might need to pull gently, but you can always fix things you don't like. You don't have to be a pro to create a stunning wreath. You got this!

fall wreath

How to make a fall floral wreath


Below are all of the materials I used in this wreath with one exception - the grapevine wreath base. I used an old twig wreath I already had from a previous season. If you really love the look of the twig wreath, this is similar and not as expensive as most twig wreaths I found.

Pro tip - don't throw away wreaths that you don't like anymore! If you can, save the wreath form by gently pulling off all of the "toppings" and save the base for another DIY!

wreath supplies

What You Need to Know

  • I bought one of each floral stem below for this wreath, but I only used half of the yellow pampas and half of the thistle

  • Don't forget to grab a hot glue gun and wire cutters too!

  • Everything here is from Michael's Stores so it's an easy one-stop-shop! If you don't have enough in your cart to get free shipping, just order online for curbside pickup so you don't have to sort through the floral section in the store!

fall floral favs from 2023

How To Make It

1. Pull your pampas plumes apart so that each plume is separate.

2. Leave a few inches of stem on each plume and cut off the rest with your wire cutters. NOTE: Before gluing anything, stick them in your wreath, with the plumes all going the same direction around your wreath.

3. Next, trim your wheat so that each stem is about 2 inches and insert those into the wreath as well. This staging will save you time because you can rearrange as needed without ripping out any of your florals.

4. When you are happy with their placement, begin to hot glue each one in place by taking it out of the wreath, applying a small amount of hot glue to the stem and them poking it back through your wreath in the same spot. You can make your wreath as full or "skimpy" as you like! For my wreath, I used half of my yellow pampas and used the other half for this fall hoop wreath.

fall wreath

5. Next, take your dahlias and cut the flowers off the stems so you only have a small amount of stem below the base (like 1/2 inch at most) Arrange those on your wreath in the same way as the previous florals. You can symmetrically arrange them or place them a little more randomly as I did. Both ways will look beautiful. Again, when you are happy with them, glue them in place!

fall wreath

6. Repeat the same steps for the protea...

fall wreath

fall wreath

fall wreath

9. and poa grass. For these adorable pink grasses, leave about 3 inches of stem attached and secure them to your wreath in clusters of 3 or 5. I let mine stick out a bit to feature them.

fall wreath

10. When everything is attached, hang your wreath up and step back from it to look at the entire piece. This will help you see if anything needs adjusted (which is easy by pulling out any florals and regluing when needed) If everything is positioned how you want it, turn your wreath so that all your florals are facing the floor and shake your wreath - ideally outside!!!

This does 2 things:

  1. ensures everything is fully attached.

  2. fluffs everything to create a more natural and full look.

11. Pull off any hot glue "webs" that may have collected on your wreath and hang this beauty with pride because you just made something amazing!

fall wreath

Hang your creation on a wreath hook with or without ribbon. I prefer it without ribbon, but a chocolate velvet or burlap would be gorgeous!

fall wreath

I hope you find some fall inspiration here! Have you seen my other fall wreath this year? I couldn't decide on just one style so I made 2! You can find the other tutorial here!

fall wreath

If you make this wreath, PLEASE share it with me! I love it so much when I get to see your creations! Leave a comment on this post or share with with me on Instagram or Facebook with #therurallegend! If you share your wreath, I'll make sure to feature it in my stories!

Don't forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page so you never miss an opportunity to be inspired! Happy decorating!

xoxo, L

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1 Comment

Jan Hess
Jan Hess
Sep 09, 2021

The fall wreath is absolutely stunning and will bring and warm and welcome to any door.

The tutorial was a great help for anyone wanting to be creative.

You are a very creative person, thanks for helping to inspire.


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