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DIY Mini Frame Christmas Ornaments

My favorite kind of Christmas ornaments are the sentimental heirloom ones! I still have all of the ornaments that were given to me as a child including all of the photo ornaments of my brother and I growing up!

While you can buy personalized photo ornaments online, they can be expensive. This EASY tutorial uses small picture frames you can thrift and turn into ornaments to give as a gift or display on your own tree!

A Christmas tree with ornaments.

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Mini picture frames are something I see regularly while I'm at the thrift store and they usually only cost a few dollars. This year, I found 3 Lenox frames that make the perfect addition to my European Cottage Inspired Holiday home!

A framed ornament with a picture of a rose.

What should I frame in my ornament?

  • child school pictures

  • family photos

  • travel photos

  • favorite photos of loved ones that have passed

  • vintage inspired winter art - I found this site with tons of FREE downloads!

  • Bible verses or favorite holiday quotes

  • special dates like a wedding anniversary

  • pet photos

  • photos of you and friends to give as gifts

An assortment of ornaments on a Christmas tree.

How to Make an Ornament with a Mini Frame


How to make it

1. Start by making sure you're frame is completely clean and dry - especially if you bought some vintage ones second hand!

2. If you want to change the color of your frame, so that before framing any images. For tips on how to update thrifted frames, see this post!

3. If needed, cut your image to fit your frame and frame as you would any photo

4. Using a hot glue gun, attach a ribbon to the back of your frame. The easiest way ton make sure your frame hangs straight is to attach each end of your ribbon to the top 2 corners of your frame.

A woman using a hot glue gun on the back of a frame.

Other uses for mini frames at Christmas

  • Use as place cards at the dinner table

  • Use as gift tags on presents. Frame a photo of you and the gift recipient!

  • Make a photo wreath like this one

  • Hang on garlands

Miniature framed ornaments.

Looking for more unique ideas for how to make your own Christmas ornaments? Try these tutorials!

xoxo, L


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