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Simple Easter Table Decor with Thrifted items

I found the cutest glass dishes that remind me of daffodils and they inspired my Easter table decor setup this year including a delicious and easy dessert and an elegant centerpiece that took under 5 minutes to make! Read on for all the inspiration on Easter 2024's table scape from The Rural Legend!

A dining room setup featuring Easter table decor, including a floral centerpiece and floral linens.

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Top view of a table scape with scalloped dishes and clear flower-shaped bowls with trifles in them.

While I wanted to use my thrifted flower dishes for Easter dessert, I turned the 7th one into a candle I can enjoy all Spring! Candle making is actually a really easy DIY craft and homemade candles make a thoughtful, affordable gift!

Table scape featuring easter table decor such as floral linens, scalloped plates, and a floral centerpiece.


Customize Your Easter Table Decor with an Easy Spring Centerpiece

I thrifted a large footed bowl with a similar ruffle design for $3 and knew instantly it would make a stunning Spring centerpiece! Instead of buying new daffodils from the nursery, I dug up a cluster of daffodil bulbs from my own front yard and planted them in my thrifted bowl. I also collected moss from our paver patio and laid the moss on top of the soil for a lush, polished look to my centerpiece. And other than my $3 investment in the bow, this 5 minute centerpiece was FREE!

Dining table set with scalloped dishware, a floral centerpiece, and floral-printed linens.

When the blooms have spent, I will just replant my daffodils where I originally dug them up! Maybe I'll do it all over again next year!

Looking for more simple centerpiece ideas? Try THESE!

A dining table set with a floral centerpiece, scalloped dishes, lit candles, and floral linens.

Try Some Scalloped Dinnerware Details

I invested in new quality dinnerware a few months ago from Lenox in the hopes this French Perle Scallop set will become an heirloom in our family. It works so well with the floral theme of this table! This is not sponsored, but if you're not aware, Lenox replaced broken pieces for free FOR LIFE if you register your products! That detail alone sold me on the investment!

A trifle with a spoon in it sitting on layers of scalloped dishes, next to a floral linen.

Accent With Spring Linens

These scallop edged floral napkins are the sweetest pop of color! You can buy them in a matching set or a mix-and-matched set like mine. I love the variety of prints and patterns they offer this fairly neutral table scape! You'll see in my trifle recipe, I add a drizzle of honey and a floral salt garnish so I thought these gold bee napkin rings* were the perfect nod to spring flowers and honey! Honestly, I'm not sure what my main course for Easter is yet, but I think the bees would approve of a honey ham! *Use code THERURALLEGEND for 15% off!

A bronze bee napkin ring holding a floral linen, sitting on layered scalloped plates.

I also came across this stunning velvet ruffled tablecloth in a rich camel/gold color. I've never used velvet for a tablecloth before, but it feels so luxe! It also washes really well!

A table set with Easter table decor including bronze bee napkin holders, scalloped plates, a floral centerpiece, and floral linens.

Salted White Chocolate Honey Trifle

makes enough for one large trifle bowl


  • 1 - 5oz box vanilla instant pudding

  • 3 C milk

  • 1 - 8oz brick cream cheese, softened

  • 1 - 8oz tub cool whip

  • 1 - 16oz store bought pound cake

  • white chocolate, chopped finely (about 1 C)

  • honey to drizzle

  • floral garnishing salt - optional (use code The Rural Legend for 15% off!)


  1. Combine pudding mix and milk in a stand mixer.

  2. Add cream cheese and beat until mixture is nice and smooth

  3. Add cool whip and fully incorporate.

  4. Set mixture aside in fridge to chill.

  5. Cut up pound cake into bite size pieces.

  6. Add a layer of cake to your trifle bowl or individual dishes.

  7. Top with enough pudding mixture to cover.

  8. Sprinkle a layer of chopped white chocolate over top.

  9. Repeat this process, ending with pudding on top.

  10. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve (up to 24 hours)

  11. Before servings, lightly drizzle honey over the top and garnish with floral salt.

A trifle with a spoon in it, sitting next to a floral linen napkin, on layers of scalloped plates.

download the recipe

Salted White Chocolate Honey Trifle
Download PDF • 80KB

Looking for more Spring and Easter inspiration? Start here!

xoxo, L

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