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4 Simple Ways to Upcycle Old Christmas Ornaments

I find that year after year, my style slowly evolves, and that often includes my Christmas aesthetic. Instead of always buying brand new holiday decorations, I like to find simple ways to makeover items I already own. This mindset saves me money and is a sustainable way to decorate seasonally!

A brown christmas ornament.

Christmas ornaments are one of the easiest items to upcycle and transform as your style changes! Whether you're giving a makeover to ornaments you already own or giving a new look to ornaments you find secondhand, these 4 simple tutorials provide beautiful results for even the most beginner crafter!

A tree with ornaments and bows.

1. Amber Glass Ornaments

Chic and luxe, moody amber glass is absolutely stunning at the holidays. My simple tutorial for transforming clear glass ornaments into beautiful amber baubles went viral last year on Instagram! See the full amber glass ornaments tutorial here!

An assortment of amber glass ornaments.

2. Alcohol Ink Ornaments

If bright candy saturated color is your jam, you need to experiment with alcohol ink! This easy DIY works great with clear plastic and glass balls and only requires a few materials. A box of these bright beauties would be a stunning gift! See the full alcohol ink ornaments tutorial here!

An array of alcohol ink ornaments on a Christmas tree.

3. Textured Ornaments

Mixing acrylic paint and baking soda creates the look of high end pottery. When you apply these materials to ornaments, the results are gorgeous! Get the kids involved in this family friendly craft!

Textured black, white, and pink ornaments.

4. Chinoiserie Ornaments

Blue and White is all the rage this year for a more European Cottage Christmas. I myself have been embracing the trend and you can find my favorite ways to decorate in this style here! This simple tutorial only requires 2 materials and can be customized in so many fun ways! Find the full tutorial here!

A white ornament with a blue sharpie design.

Giving old things a beautiful new life is one of my biggest joys as a creator and there are so many more items I've transformed over the years! If you're looking for more trash to treasure inspiration, start upcycling your home decor here!

xoxo, L


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