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One on One Design Consultations

Are you looking to make over or refresh a room or two in your home?  Feeling stuck on what colors to choose or how to lay out the space?  Lindsey's 55 minute design consultations are perfect for you!

Lindsey can help you explore different layout options, furniture recommendations, color palette ideas, and more.

When scheduling your appointment, please answer all questions and follow the instructions on what types of photos to submit at least 1 week before your call to give Lindsey enough time to look over your answers and room photos!

During your call, Lindsey with go over her recommendations, answer any questions you have and help you get a plan in place to design a space you truly love!

The cost of this consultation covers the hours Lindsey will prepare for the call as well as your 55 minute consultation.  

Please note: The 55 minute consultation does include ONE follow up email with links to products and colors mentioned in the call.  All other requests for follow ups will be subject to a further cost.

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