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How to Make a Table out of a Lamp

During our Basement Lounge Makeover, I was looking for some sophisticated end tables to flank our sofa, but everything that caught my eye was at least $200 per table. I decided to challenge myself to come up with a unique DIY to make my own affordable pedestal accent tables using sustainable materials!

black pedestal end table made out of a lamp base and microwave tray.

A thorough search on Facebook Marketplace yielded exactly zero results, so I did a little digging on Pinterest. I found an image of an adorable accent table made out of a large lamp and was instantly inspired!

DIY end tables made out of lamps

I picked up one curvy vintage brass lamp on Facebook Marketplace for $10 and the other for $7 at Goodwill. (I decided not to use the glass one in the photo below.)

The Goodwill lamp was a little shorter than the other one so I added a $2 chunky candlestick to the top! They stacked together perfectly to create a seamless pedestal base!

Originally, I was going to use wood table tops from the Lowe's, but the size I wanted cost $16 each. While this was vastly less expensive than my dream tables, I decided to look around for other unique table top ideas. While I was at Goodwill, I found these microwave plates (the kind that sit inside your microwave and spin) for $2 each!

what kind of lamp should I use to make my table?

  1. Look for lamps that are heavy enough to hold the weight of a table top without tipping over

  2. Choose a lamp that had a wider flat top so that your top material will lay flush to the surface. I ended up not using the cut glass lamp because the top was too narrow and not completely flat. When I glued my pieces together it was not successful.

  3. look for a lamp that is table height. A standard end or accent table is anywhere between 18-24 inches, so you're looking for a large lamp!

What can I use as a table top?

The short answer is, any flat item that can hold weight and will adhere flush against your table base.

  1. microwave plates

  2. round metal trays or plates

  3. raw wood top

To see how I used a scalloped metal place to make a plant stand, check out this post!

How to Make a Table out of a Lamp

1. Remove the cord and light fixture from each lamp

2. Thoroughly clean all surfaces of your materials.

3. Using construction adhesive, secure the microwave plate to the top of the lamp.

Make sure your plate is centered and level. You can find the center of your plate before placing it on top of your lamp, but I still found that I needed to shift it a bit to ensure the top was level from all angles. NOTE: I first tried silicone as my adhesive, but found that there is too much give with silicone and the top wiggled. Construction adhesive is definitely the go to adhesive for this project!

process and tutorial for making tables out of lamps

4. Allow the construction adhesive to fully dry and cure according to the package directions.

5. Apply several light coats of spray paint in your desired color. I used Rustoleum Painter's Touch spray paint in flat black.

See Other Projects using The Magic of Flat Black Spray Paint

black pedestal end tables made out of lamps

No one would ever know the origin of these tables! Except if they read this blog post, lol! The total cost of this project was $27 for 2 gorgeous end tables!

Since making these tables in 2022, I have since moved them to our family room because I wanted to see them more! They are the perfect vintage aesthetic for our moody family room!

I added a marble top from a plant stand my parents gave me to the smaller of the 2 tables and it took this piece to a whole other level! I am now on the hunt for another marble top!

Looking for more inspiration for unique and affordable DIY projects? Start here!

xoxo, L

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