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Why a Blog?

This blog is a space for me to celebrate all of my passions. Creativity fuels my soul, but I don’t have just one creative outlet. I am a home chef, a sewer, a party planner, a painter, a home stylist, a photographer, an art therapist, an organizer, a diy enthusiast, a gardener…

My head is constantly swirling with new ideas and new projects - things that spark joy. As a stay at home mom, I am constantly thinking about what I want to do when my son is in school full time. Do I return to the therapy world? Do I start a private practice? Do I take one of my talents and passions and turn it into a business? Being an entrepreneur terrifies me to my core. The fear of failure, criticism, looking like I don’t know what I’m doing, feeling like a hack. What would make me stand out from all of the voices out there that already inspire me and others? How could I possibly succeed?

And then I had a conversation with a new friend about this struggle. She had the same struggle too. Her passions were plentiful and she overextended herself by trying to make a business out of all of them. She ended up burnt out and lost the joy those gifts originally brought her - until she decided to stop trying to make money off of her talents and simply create for herself. If she wanted to spend an entire week making hair bows, that is what she would do. The following week, something else might fuel her like experimenting with her new camera lens and letting a friend style a few photo shoots (that would be me).

This resonated deeply for me. Why continue to pressure myself to make money off of my joy when I can simply create just for me and those I love? This blog was born as a public journal of sorts. A place for me to document my projects and passions – a passion project! And in the middle of a global pandemic, I think we all need a passion project…something that brings us joy and feeds our soul. If no one reads these posts other than me, it’s still a success. But who knows, maybe I’ll meet some new friends along the way, inspire someone else, inspire myself? The possibilities are endless. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me!

xoxo, L

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