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The power of Good Lighting

One of my absolute favorite home design couples, Chris and Julia Marcum, have a phrase they use often - lamp o'clock - that time in the evening when the outdoor light is dimming and all of the lamps get turned on inside the house. That low glow and gorgeous ambiance is a vibe in and of itself.

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family room basement, dark moody blue wall color, navy striped wallpaper, tan sofas, blush throw pillows, antique luggage cart coffee table, pink vintage area rug from rugs usa, minted framed canvas paintings, landscape paintings, floor lamp

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I put together a big round up of my favorite floor and table lamps for that perfect mood lighting in your home. And the best part is they're all super affordable!

family room with navy striped wallpaper accent wall, black antique trunk, snake plant in a basket, tan sofas, blush throw pillow, black iron and brass floor lamp

Benefits of Good Lighting

- Reduces Stress
- Elevates the look of a room
- Makes your home look more expensive
- Improves mood
- Improves productivity
- Helps stabilize your circadian rhythm

Who knew lighting could do all that?!

family room, dark blue moody walls, tan couch, landscape painting, blush pillows, pink vintage rug, rugs usa, table lamp on black pedestal table

round up of favorite lighting options for your home, floor lamps, table lamps, brass, vintage, boho

  1. The Taren

  2. The Shiloah

  3. The Barton

  4. Bridalne Table Lamp

  5. Blue Ceramic

  6. Brushed Brass with Glass Shade

  7. Rattan Shade

  8. The Chloe

  9. The Crosby

  10. Swing Arm Floor Lamp

  11. Iron Floor Lamp

  12. Task Floor Lamp

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