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Our 2023 Home projects List

We spent our holiday break sick with nasty colds, which meant lots of forced downtime. If you know me at all, you know I don't relax well, so I took the opportunity to begin scrolling Pinterest and planning out what projects would be obtainable for the new year. Much like last year, once we decided on some changes for one room, it snowballed into other room transformations! Here's what we're hoping to tackle.

1. Garage Organization

We don't have a pantry or mudroom in our small-ish home, so when we first moved in, we decided to install cabinetry in our garage to store shelf stable food items, household necessities, and coats & shoes. While this system works, it has become incredibly cluttered and I'd love to make some adjustments to make our organization system more efficient and clean. (we do a lot of large DIY projects in the garage too!)

2. Home Office Refresh

Last year around this time, I was planning on transforming our guest room into my own home office while also working on several other rooms at the same time such as Tim's office and the playroom. At some point, the work in my office simply stopped and I have been working in a 75% finished space. I'd love to finish up the last of my to do list and make some tweaks to the arrangement of the room.

3. Family Room

Just before Christmas, I painted our fireplace wall black and we are still just as obsessed now as we were then! The wall color does not coordinate well so I'm planning on changing the color to something much warmer and possibly adding some wall details with trim. I'd also love to finally check "electric fireplace insert" off our list this year, but that will come down to budgeting.

4. Dining Room

Yet another room we only 75% finished! We plan to add ceiling trim to give the illusion of higher walls and pair down on the furniture in this small space. I am also very nearly sure I'll be painting the entire room Nocturnal Gray rather than only the top half. With the Kitchen so bright white, I think the bold move to go dark will just POP!

5. Playroom turned ...?

We are by no means in a rush for Jackson to grow up, but every year we seem to find new ways to make the space better for him and for our family. We have had many discussions about what the purpose of this room will be after the days of Lego and Pretend play are behind us. We don't really need another family lounge space since we have both the fireplace family room and the Basement Lounge space. There's always the possibility down the road that we may knock down the walls between the kitchen, dining room, and playroom and extend the kitchen. But for now we'll be making the playroom feel a little more special by adding a wall of custom built in cabinetry with tons of storage!

6. Primary Bedroom

We have never really done much to our bedroom beyond adding a rug and rearranging the furniture. I have really exciting plans to add texture to the walls and bring in moody warm color! We'll also be making our closets more efficient and repurposing some old furniture for a dreamy master bedroom!

None of these transformations will require any real demo and will just help us tweak our home to better fit out needs. There are definitely still some larger projects down the road that will require much more money and more time, but I'm really excited about this project list for 2023!

xoxo, L

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I've been so haphazard about home projects...I love your intentionality. Very inspiring!

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