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One Room Challenge Week 6: We have paint!

dark blue painted wall with view into home ofifce

If you aren't following along on Instagram, you may have missed that we were on vacation last week! I had week 5's update ready to go before we left, but traveling meant I missed a week of work for the basement.

Lick USA paint can and painting supplies

painted walls in process and a paint can with supplies.  dark blue paint

The day before we left, our paint and wallpaper FINALLY arrived so I have been painting up a storm this week trying to make progress on this makeover! I had the opportunity to partner with LICK for my paint and wallpaper. They sent me everything I needed for this project, and I am so proud to be working with a company that focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable options! I'm using Blue 07 and it is everything I hoped it would be!

lick usa blue 07, cans of paint and paint rollers and supplies

I don't have a lot to share or any major tips to offer this week - JUST gorgeously moody process photos! I'll let them speak for themselves and give you a round up of the things left on our to-do list.

progress picture of a basement being painted dark blue

Left To DO:

Painting Touchups

Hang Wallpaper

Hang Art

Attach Trim & Moulding

Organize Cabinets & Bookshelves

Deep Clean sofas

Style & Big Reveal!

blue cabinets

With the bulk of the labor intensive projects complete, a lot of the fun things I've been waiting to do can begin! Make sure you're following along so you don't miss all of the big reveals coming in the next 2 weeks!

xoxo, L

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