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My Spring Yard Maintenance Prep Routine

I don't know about you, but I am SO ready for the warmer weather to stay consistent and the threat of frost to bid farewell! While I'm not ready to put any new plants into the ground or in pots, there are some key things I make sure to do early on along with products to have on hand to make sure my yard and flower beds are fully prepped for those lush green months ahead! So, today I'm going to talk you all through my 3 big steps when it comes to spring yard maintenance.

Lindsey from The Rural Legend holding gardening tools and items while stepping out of a shed.

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3 steps for Spring Yard Maintenance

1. Prep your beds

Typically every other spring, we lay a thick layer of mulch on our flower beds to keep weeds at bay and to give our beds a more manicured look. One downfall to mulch is that overtime, the sun bakes the top layer creating a crust. This makes it very difficult for rain to permeate and nourish root systems.

Close-up of Lindsey from The Rural Legend with a four-prong cultivator

Breaking up that crusty layer aerates the soil allowing more moisture to soak in. You're also loosening the soil and making it harder for weeds to really take root. This means you'll have a much easier time weeding when you need to! (because it's always inevitable) I recommend working your beds at least 3 times a year - once in spring, mid summer, and then again in fall when you cut back plants that need it.

Lindsey from The Rural Legend stepping out of a shed with garden implements.

My go-to tool for working flower beds is a 4 prong cultivator. This tool is a power house! It's small enough to maneuver between plants and easily helps to break of the crusty layer and loosen soil. Once all of my beds are worked, I can determine if I need to add mulch or skip a year.

2. Feed your Lawn

There are always patches in our yard that need to be reseeded after critters and the elements take their toll. Spring is a great time to re-seed and make sure you're lawn is nourished for its summer growth spurt! I love the Sunday line of lawn care at Lowes because it's completely human, pet, and planet friendly. I don't have to worry about keeping my son or my dogs off the lawn after applying it or worry about the chemicals in our soil.

Lindsey from The Rural Legend crouching outside of a gardening shed, looking at a bag of Seed + Feed fertilizer.

Plus some of their products attach to your garden hose for super easy application, which is a nice break after working hard breaking up all of that mulch! NOTE: make sure you wait until after the last frost to feed and seed your lawn! Your local Lowe's will have the proper version of each product specialized for your region!

Gardening tools, Seed + Feed fertilizer, weed killer, and other gardening items.

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3. Supply and Tool Inventory

You certainly don't need new tools every year unless you're buying cheap and using often. The only thing I need to really replace this year are my gardening gloves because mine have certainly seen better days. Here's a round up of all of my go to products and tools that make my gardening life MUCH easier!

Gardening tools graphic containing various go-to items recommended by The Rural Legend.

my FAVORITE clogs women | men

bird feeder | humming bird feeder - gotta keep those pollinators happy!!

Outdoor gardening storage and work bench in a flower garden.

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