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What Type of Wallpaper is Best

We are in the process of transforming my parents' home office into a rich, sophisticated work space with warm vintage accents and a gorgeous, custom built-in cabinet wall. My dad and I recently hung the plaid wallpaper I chose for this room from Love vs. Design.

plaid wallpaper

Their peel and stick wallpaper is completely customizable with a large color palette to choose from so you can create the perfect wallpaper accent for your home! We chose the colors egret and fog for this classic plaid design. The subtle blue grey coordinates well with the dark slate blue cabinet color! ( LICK Blue08 )

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate, I may make a small commission when you click on a link in this post as no cost to you! Thank you for supporting me and the quality items I promote!

man hanging plaid wallpaper by love vs design

It was SO nice having a partner to work with this time to hang wallpaper! I'm used to doing things solo, and having an extra set of hands to hang peel and stick wallpaper was very helpful! We even had some extra "help" courtesy of Elliott and my parents' dog, Tate.

man hanging peel and stick plaid wallpaper in home office, love vs design

My dad has only ever hung traditional wallpaper, which slides around easily on the wall to reposition and match up the pattern. So there was a learning curve for him hanging peel and stick! If you've never installed wallpaper before and you're curious which to choose, there's definitely benefits and downsides to both.

man hanging wallpaper

What are the Pros and Cons of Wallpaper?

Traditional Wallpaper


Regardless if it is pre-pasted or paste the wall, traditional wallpaper will slide along the wall as you position it perfectly with the piece beside it. You can easily add more adhesive and wipe away excess with a damp cloth.


Once the glue and paper are dry, your wallpaper isn't going anywhere, which is where the downside to traditional wallpaper comes into play. If and when you change your mind about your style choice, taking pasted wallpaper off the wall is not fun work. My most effective method is to mix fabric softener and water and spray the solution on walls, letting it soak in. The paper will begin to peel off the wall, but it's a tedious and messy task.

striped navy wallpaper

you're going to want to see us in action!

family room

Peek and Stick Wallpaper


The major appeal to wallpaper, especially to renters, is that with one swift move, peel and stick wallpaper comes right off the wall without damage or sticky residue.


The reverse is true for peel and stick. Essentially, it works like a giant reusable sticker for your wall, so as soon as it touches any surface, it sticks to it. This makes repositioning much more difficult so you have to try to be as precise as possible.


powder room half bathroom

Which wallpaper should I choose?

If you're asking me, I'm generally team peel and stick because I know my style changes too often to commit to traditional wallpaper. And I've had enough practice with peel and stick that I don't find it as tedious as I once did. ESPECIALLY if you only do an accent wall rather than an entire room!

children's closet playroom

If you ask my dad, he'll tell you he'd MUCH rather deal with the hard work of ripping off pasted wallpaper when it's time to move onto another style. He was not a fan of peel and stick - which makes sense after decades of only hanging pasted paper.

powder room

In the end, both are great choices because wallpaper is fabulous and adds depth, dimension, and drama to a space for very little money. What would you choose? Don't miss my best trick for getting your wallpaper pattern nice and straight the first time! You can see it here!

plaid wallpaper in home office
sneak peek at my parents' home office!

Stay tuned for the next part of this home office transformation! With the wallpaper hung, we get to move on to board and batten to create the illusion of a bigger space, and it's going to be GORGEOUS!

xoxo, L

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Gini Bowers
Gini Bowers
Nov 06, 2022

Hi! Can you share the name of the paint color you used?

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