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How To Turn a Floor Lamp Into A Planter

I just love finding new and unique ways to upcycle old items! This floor lamp transformation is no exception! Making this elegant pedestal planter is a super simple DIY project requiring only a few materials! And it's such a great way to re-use a floor lamp that no longer works or isn't your style anymore!

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I found this 3 legged wrought iron floor lamp a few months ago at Goodwill for under $10. Originally I planned to us it in our family room, but after finding a 1920's Rembrandt lamp my style plans changed. I thought I might just re-donate the iron one, but really did love the legs and the unique style!

wrought iron tripod floor lamp

I stumbled upon a video turning a 3 socket floor lamp into a pedestal planter and instantly knew how to use my thrifted lamp! So while this is not my original idea, I made a few changes to this DIY to ensure my planter basket was secure to my 1 socket lamp.

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Floor Lamp Planter


How to Make it

1. Start by cutting the cord off of your lamp. Don't forget you can always change the color of your lamp too!

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2. Remove the socket from your lamp and discard or save for another project.

lamp light socket

3. Set the basket on top of your lamp making sure it is centered.

4. Using zip ties, secure the basket to your lamp by wrapping them around the wire and harp holder on your lamp. If your lamp does not have a harp holder, you can attach your basket to the socket base with adhesive like construction adhesive, but you'll want to make sure you have another surface area to adhere to.

metal hanging basket with zip ties

5. Make sure your basket is secured to the lamp without much wiggle room. Trim off the excess tails from your zip ties.

zip tie tension and cutter

6. Line your planter basket with a coco liner and add desired plants.

planter with coco liner

I love the character this planter brings to our patio! Pedestal planters like this would look beautiful sunken into a flower bed, on your front porch or patio like ours! Don't miss all of our other upcycling DIY projects to turn other unwanted pieces into beautiful decor for your home!

woman planting annual flowers in planter pot

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