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How To Style A Beautiful Flower Bed

Beautiful landscape design is about more than just planting flowers and adding mulch. For a truly gorgeous yard, you need to think of the outside of your home just like you would the inside!

A group of pink flowers in front of a white fence.

Things like color, shape, and placement are all factors in styling beautiful landscaping, and I'm sharing all my easy, affordable landscape styling tips so your house can be the envy of the block!

Lush plants and trees.

What Plants Should I Choose?

If you read my post on how to choose the best plants for your yard, then you know the basic rules to pick plants that will thrive in your flower beds. But let's take it a step further and talk about landscaping from a style perspective

An outdoor lawn leading to a garden by the side of a house.

1. Think about color

Think about what colors you want before choosing your plants. Consider the color of the exterior of your home! Much like choosing accent pillows or artwork for your walls, make sure the color of your plants compliment your home and compliment each other! For the front of our home, I chose mostly warm purples and pink tones because it compliments the siding.

A house and lawn.

2. Choose Odd Numbers

Styling in odd numbers always looks better and you'll create more of an impact having multiple of each plant versus buying one of everything.

A stone pathway in a garden.

3. Choose Differing Heights

Assuming your flower bed is deep enough for multiple rows, make sure you take height into consideration when choosing plants. Varying heights adds visual interest. Just make sure to place them in your flower bed appropriately, which we'll talk about in the next section!

A garden with white and red flowers.

How To Arrange Your Plants

1. Staging

Think of your flower beds like the inside of your home. Sometimes you have to try a few arrangements before finding the right one! Arrange your plants in your flower bed or garden while still in their pots! to make sure everything is evenly spaced and exactly where you'd like it. I have re-dug way too many holes because my line of basil plants was crooked or I didn't like the look of one plant next to another. This tip is a major time saver!

A man working in a garden.

2. Be Mindful of Height

If the plants in the front row are just as tall or taller than your back row, you won't get to enjoy everything, and the plants in the back may not thrive without enough sun. I like to make my flower beds deep enough for 3 rows. It lets me stagger plants for depth and interest.

Everything in the front row is typically a ground cover or very short. Medium height plants go in the middle and the big guys go in the back so everyone can be a star in the show. Think of it like stadium seating!

A diagram showing plant height.

If you think of your landscaping as another room in your home - a literal LIVING room! - you will end up with a beautifully styled space to enjoy for years to come.

Looking for more simple and affordable inspiration for your yard? Head to The Rural Estate for all of our tips and tricks!

xoxo, L

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Apr 21

Beautiful flowers. I plant hostas and ferns in my very shady yard. It’s def time for splitting plants and mulching.

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