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Home Office Plans

With The Rural Legend becoming more and more successful, it was time to make a dedicated space in our home my office! A few weeks ago, I shared that we moved our guest bed to the playroom closet to make room for my office in our third bedroom. Today I'm sharing the design board and my plans for this space!

While our family is small, I am outnumbered by boys! I try to rein in the amount of feminine flair I disperse around our home because I want our spaces to feel like all of us! But this office is MINE, and I'm going wild with subdued vintage glam, blush tones, and all of the details that bring me joy!

Why make a mood board?

Before I make any final decisions or make any purchases, I always make a mood board (or design board) It can be as simple as cutting pictures out of magazines that bring you inspiration or creating a board on Pinterest. Corralling all your ideas in one place makes it easy to visualize how different components will look in your space and can help you narrow down your selection. This will save you time, money, and a little sanity too! I use the app Canva to make my mood boards for free! I can easily add images of all the items I want to use in my design and make changes without spending a dime!

As an Amazon Associate and brand affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you! That means, that when you click on a link in this post, I may make a small commission. Thank you for supporting me and the quality items I promote!

The most important decision to make about this space was the paint color. There are several blush tones from Farrow and Ball I had been eyeing for a while. My office is the perfect opportunity to bring in one of these beauties! I decided to go with Dead Salmon - the worst name but the most beautiful shade of rich blush/taupe. In order to make the space feel larger and more dramatic, I painted the trim, doors and walls in the same color. Dead Salmon is actually considered a neutral earth tone, so it will work so well with pops of color and warm gold accents.

With all of the painting done, it's time to turn my attention to the furniture and accessories. I ordered the most beautiful etageres to flank the office window. I'll be repainting the green dresser a muted sage/olive tone to coordinate more with the walls. Pro Tip: Don't be afraid to reach out to your desired paint company on social media to ask for their expert opinion! I messaged Farrow and Ball on Instagram to get their insight into which green shade would work best with Dead Salmon, and they quickly offered 2 beautiful choices. This saved me so much time not having to scour the internet and bring home paint samples to see what would work best. I chose another funny paint name, Mizzle.

The hardware on the dresser will also get a little makeover using rub n buff in Grecian gold. I'll be sharing that and lots of other transformations in the coming weeks!

Later this week, I'll be sharing my art choices for this space and tips for making a gallery wall. Make sure to subscribe at the bottom of the page to receive email updates when new posts are published! And don't forget to follow along on Instagram for extra details and tips on this project!

xoxo, L

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08 de fev. de 2022

I like hearing how your mind plans and makes decisions when it comes to decorating. The mood board is totally foreign to me but when I see yours, I get it. I like the soft elegant vibe.

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