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Holiday Advent Activities - 2021

My family gets so excited to hang up our advent garland because it means another month full of fun, festive activities to do as a family! This year, we mixed things up a bit and split the days between activities and treats, so mama got a few breaks!

boy in elf costume jumping

1. Reindeer Pancakes

I made a video of how to make these for Instagram, and it has literally gone viral! You can watch it here. I just made pancakes from our favorite box mix in various sizes. Pro Tip: use measuring cups or spoons for consistent sizes!

reindeer pancakes

1. Lay a large pancake on your plate and top with a pancake about half of the size.

2. Add 2 mini pancakes for ears at the top!

3. Use bacon, fruit, or pretzels as the antlers. I cut a large marshmallow in half for the eyes and topped them with 2 mini chocolate chips. I added a Hershey kiss for the nose, but make it Rudolph with a red M&M or berry!

I have had so much fun this year seeing all of your pancake creations, so if you share an image on social media, make sure to tag #TheRuralLegend !

2. Coffee Filter Snowflakes

These have become a tradition in our home because they make our windows look beautiful all winter long!

coffee filter snowflakes

1. Color coffee filters with washable markers. Pro Tip: Color as much of the filter as you can! 2. Spray your colored filter with water and allow the colors to spread.

3. Let completely dry and then fold up like a traditional snowflake.

4. Make cuts as desired, open, and hang! For a full video tutorial, check out my reel on Instagram here.

3. Christmas Tree-ts

These are such a fun and simple treat to make as a family and the chocolate hardens quickly so there's not much wait time before you can enjoy!

candy christmas trees

1. Melt chocolate wafers as per the directions on the package. I use Ghirardelli white melting wafers.

2. Add drops of green food coloring to the desired color.

3. Pour melted chocolate into a piping bag or ziplock bag and snip off one end.

christmas treat

4. Lay pretzel sticks or rods out on parchment paper. Note: if using pretzel rods, you will need more melted chocolate!

5. Starting in the center of a pretzel, pipe chocolate horizontally in a zig zag fashion, making your lines smaller as you reach the top of the pretzel - Making a triangle, tree shape.

6. While the chocolate is still warm, decorate with sprinkles and other goodies! Let harden and enjoy!

Watch a tutorial video here!

For more simple activities to enjoy this holiday season, don't miss these posts!

From my family to yours, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday no matter how you celebrate! We are sending you love and praying the new year brings you joy, comfort, and lots of DIY's!

xoxo, L

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